A psychedelic LD trip: 5,000 frames of a flipped turtle!
v4.0.6 / 2023-02-23 
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History available for: v4.0, v3.4, v3.3, v3.2, v3.1, v3.0, v2.8, v2.7, v2.6, v2.5, v2.2, v2.1, v2.0, v1.5, v1.4, v1.3, v1.2, v1.1, v1.0, v0.x (pre-beta)

Current status v2.5.1 (updated 2011-10-10)

  1. Software update (Debian Squeeze's version is obsolete):
  2. Fixed a very old bug that would create weird behavior when submit/update was containing quotes or apostrophes.
  3. Added IMDb, Format and Captioning fields in the Advanced Search.
  4. Added "Columbia" as a release country. It's a NTSC country for LDs.
  5. Added "Denmark" as a release country. It's a PAL country for LDs.

Current status v2.5.0 (updated 2011-09-26)

  1. Added a red box warning during the check-out process to highlight that shipping costs are seller-dependant and on top of the cart order.
  2. Little update of the CSS code for the menus. They should look a litle more visually aligned now.
  3. Finished integrating a webmail server for internal @lddb.com adresses (using RoundCube/Postfix VDA).
  4. Updated the new Cooliris logo.
  5. Added "Delete" control on the "recently added" lists for both Collection and Wishlist.
  6. Added "China" as a release country. It's a PAL country for LDs.
  7. Finally moved the database+tables to UTF8, searching with accented characters should work now!
  8. Wrote the code needed to deal with the situation where the same title has 2 differents entries (by mistake) and collection/wishlist/shop/comments have already been added to both. I'll merge them all in a single click now!
  9. Major Update: Integrated a phpBB3 forum with LDDb accounts, now I need your help to set up relevant categories!