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History available for: v4.5, v4.0, v3.4, v3.3, v3.2, v3.1, v3.0, v2.8, v2.7, v2.6, v2.5, v2.2, v2.1, v2.0, v1.5, v1.4, v1.3, v1.2, v1.1, v1.0, v0.x (pre-beta)

Current status v2.0.4 (updated 2008-12-12)

  1. Fixed: a nasty bug was displaying recent titles in shop properly but something else when ordered!
  2. Fixed: past feedbacks dynamic display that failed on IE6/IE7 due to specific Explorer bug.
  3. Fixed: visitors trying to display recent LDs for sale in shops would get the whole list instead.
  4. Fixed: when adding a title to cart, the requested quantity was missing.
  5. Few maintenance upgrades:
  6. Disctronics (DMI USA, former PDO USA) was added back to the manufacturers' list. Their mint marks typically show a W.O. # pattern, meaning Working Order #.
    Thanks to laserking (42) for pointing this out.
  7. The Mint-o-Matic™ engine was updated accordingly.
  8. Added a new statistical graph for monthly covers.
  9. Export(s) will also carry the picture ratio (P&S, Letterboxed, etc.) from now on.
  10. Limited support added for D-VHS and HD DVD, only for simple submission for now to build an extensive basic catalog before adding collection/update support.

Current status v2.0.3 (updated 2008-05-09)

  1. The SEARCH engine was modified in several important ways:
    • When doing a straight search, matching words will now appear in color.
    • Quick Search now also accepts full (and valid) UPC/barcodes.
    • When no results are found, a spellchecker will tentatively give you a "Did you mean? alternative option.
    • To improve searching, failed search will automatically try to offer a close match.
    • III, II, etc. should also match 3, 2, etc. in the titles from now on.
  2. Before adding players and HD DVD support, I spent time cleaning up the code. Nothing will show on screen but future adaptations will be made easier.
  3. Searching in Collection and Wishlist will also search in Notes from now on.
  4. Collection can be sorted by "Date" now.
  5. Wishlists will also display the current Shop offers for a given title.

Current status v2.0.2 (updated 2008-03-22)

  1. Added a small reflection under the cover to make it look slightly more engaging.
  2. Added a background to the menu to make them look a little more professional.
  3. Modified the location of the watermark on thumbnail to make more space for revelant cover information and move most of it out of the newly added reflection picture.
  4. Added a few more "Specific Lists" in the menu to make access to most common lists easier.
  5. [Internal] Thumbnail is always regenerated on the fly when missing.
  6. [Internal] ISBN/UPC cached data are now stored in separate folders (to speed up access and backup).
  7. BRAND NEW: introducing the "iCover" to browse through cover a lot more easily! Shamelessly based on:

Current status v2.0.1 (updated 2008-02-19)

  1. CED and VHD update/submit are now fully operational.
  2. Fixed: users' pending submit/update list where using wrong internal id leading to broken links.
  3. Fixed: "how old?" in recently inserted was showing the time title was submitted, not validated!
  4. Added: recent covers tab and top 100 list
  5. Covers for titles tagged as Adult/Pornography will not be displayed to unregistered users (to protect orphans and innocent souls).
  6. Feedbacks accounting has been changed to give a little push to Sellers/Buyers engaging in multiple transactions over time leading to multiple positive feedbacks. Previously, any number of positive feedbacks from a single user would result only in a +1 increase in overall feedback. Now, an additional "bonus" will be added as follows:
    • Positive = 1 to 3, Bonus = 0
    • Positive = 4 to 7, Bonus = 1
    • Positive = 8 to 15, Bonus = 2
    • Positive = 16 to 31, Bonus = 3
    • Etc.
    Note that in case of a negative feedback balanced with positive feedbacks, the "bonus" will not apply. Neutral feedbacks are really neutral and do not influcence the overall feedback.
  7. Maintenance upgrade:
  8. Added a private picture on the Account page to display the proportion of pending and validated updates/submit.
  9. Tried to improve the visual look of the Stats/History graphics.

Current status v2.0.0 (updated 2007-12-01)

  1. MAJOR UPDATE: all separate format table have been merged to simplify things.
  2. Collection/Wishlist export will now display 1990 or 1990-01 instead of 1990-00-00 or 1990-01-00.
  3. Tentatively added the eAccelerator PHP Module to speed up PHP script compiling with dynamic caching.
  4. Barcode/UPC pictures are now cached after generation to save some CPU time.
  5. Search in Collection and Wishlist was broken: fixed.
  6. LD on display already added to Collection will now be directly linked.
  7. Automated links to Moviegoods for unknown direct IDs were not properly formatted: fixed.
  8. Quick upgrade of to fix issues with Opera:
  9. The random cover on the main page can now be updated in a single click.
  10. Added 2 more collections:
  11. Added "Resources" links (based on IMDb #) to Soundtrack These guys are doing a great job!
  12. Added some pop-up arrow controls to make list sortable by ascending/descending order, for refererence, title, release, country and video fields.
  13. The control buttons really needed some refresh (they were in fact one of the very first "temporary, draft" graphics I did... And they ended up being used for more than 4 years! I hope you like the new ones better:
  14. Realizing that the site design didn't receive a single layer of fresh paint for more than 2 years, I tried to somehow upgrade the visuals here and there to make things a little more appealing in this "Web 2.0" world we live in now...