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History available for: v4.0, v3.4, v3.3, v3.2, v3.1, v3.0, v2.8, v2.7, v2.6, v2.5, v2.2, v2.1, v2.0, v1.5, v1.4, v1.3, v1.2, v1.1, v1.0, v0.x (pre-beta)

Current status v1.2.3 (updated 2005-12-13)

  1. Updated Shop cross-view selection from to
  2. Added contextual help on Notes icon/controls and
  3. As promised, I'm slowly adding new AJAX functions. List and Search results will now load , , , and cross-lists in background and update/save results in a local buffer. That should make the CPU load a little better. More to come!
  4. Added several keyboard shortcuts (working only with QWERTY so far...).
  5. Made the validation of UPC/Barcode and ISBN a bit more dynamic with Javascript.

Current status v1.2.2 (updated 2005-12-08)

  1. User feedbacks review will not show the % of feedback left as Buyer or Seller (to evaluate quickly if a Buyer/Seller is leaving feedback... at all).
  2. Feedback completion level will now use visual Ying/Yang (to demonstrate harmony in a commercial transaction) as follows:
    • No feedback left on both side
    • Feedback left by Seller (typically after receiving payment)
    • Feedback left by Buyer (typically after receiving shipment)
    • Both feedbacks left
  3. Accounts with Seller rights but no Shop opened within one month will loose Selling attribute.
  4. Active Shops whose Seller hasn't logged in in the past 6 months will be automatically closed.
  5. Empty Shops whose Seller hasn't logged in in the past month will be automatically closed.
  6. Refreshed the Shop Creation interface.
  7. Active Shop with 0 inventory will be considered as closed.
  8. Globally fixed many flaws for non-created/empty Shops.
  9. New automated Email messages for:
    • Seller Rights granted
    • Seller Rights revoked
    • Shop closed by Admin
    • Account un-freezing
  10. Started playing around with AJAX functions. Only Collection and Wishlist Notes are using this feature right now (limited impact in case of bug...), tell me if you like it! AJAX means that when you input/delete your personal notes, the whole display does not need to be reloaded, the update will be done in the background and the display updated directly (like Google Mail).
  11. Cleaned up empty/unmaintainted Shops. This explains the drop of "active shops".
  12. Finally!, the search box is available for Collections and Wishlists.
  13. Fixed an annoying bug that would prevent the update of some Shop Policies.
  14. Converted all Admin controls to AJAX, will do the same for User Controls after enough test/validation on my side.

Current status v1.2.1 (updated 2005-10-27)

  1. LD Display will now tell you if the current title is already in your Collection (counter)/Wishlist (no button anymore)
  2. Frozen account will now automatically be unfrozen after a successful login.
  3. Invalid account will now automatically be revalidated after an Email update.
  4. Bug fixed that prevented from buying a single LD from a lot of several in Shops.
  5. No more "Squeeze" Logo for Hi-Vision titles (it was a mistake).

Current status v1.2 (updated 2005-09-08)

  1. Added TELETEXT logo.
  2. Added National Geographics collection/logo.
  3. Cross-linking with "Music Video Database" under consideration.
  4. For Sellers: Added "Sales Report".
  5. Added possibility to browse Global Shop by country.
  6. Added a more detailed help on picture ratios.
  7. Added 15th Anniversary "Thank You!" collection/logo.
  8. Removed "Sean Connery Collection" (only 2 titles!).
  9. Top 100's were improved to show Shops Offering automatically.
  10. Added a funny little pop-up menu in JavaScript/CSS, might help me get rid of left side menu and save some space on display (fixed and improved version of free script from JavaScript KIT with full explanations on Suckerfish Dropdowns. Also added Search Boxes directly in the menus.
  11. Modified the main INDEX display to put statistics in a smaller location.
  12. Modified the way Inventory Update works, to match the Collection Notes mechanisms.
  13. Now, an empty UPC/Barcode will show "???", and "none" if there is actually no UPC/Barcode (use - value for this).
  14. Setup updates of Shops Inventory to Froogle.
  15. Added temporary VHD Database support, until enough data motivates a split to a separate VHD category.
  16. Redesigned the Wishlist/Collection interface.
  17. Rewrote the search engine for IMDb from scratch to avoid a MySQL bug leading to server crash...
  18. Moved the IMDb information on first submission page and added an "Expert" mode submission.
  19. Upgraded Upgraded JPGraph from 1.17 to 1.19.
  20. "About Page" now includes 'preview' button.
  21. Put the current Universal URL for each page in the bottom bar.
  22. Modified the User Feedbacks to make them easier to read in one screen.
  23. Finally unified Lists and Search results in a single PHP Class. More compact results with IMDB/internal automated linking. Sorting ascending/descending is not far away now!
  24. Added PAL+/PAL Plus video mode.
  25. Empty active Shop will now be considered as closed.
  26. Added a dozen more Publishers (mainly from Europe).
  27. Fixed a bug that would cause some selling statistics to be displayed incorrectly.
  28. Finally got the dual title/ref and IMDb Cover/Coll/Wish/All/Shop display right!