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Hardware (BETA)

By order of appearance...


LDDb.com (formely ldbay.online.fr before a MySQL unrecoverable crash then japanld.free.fr before moving to its own dedicated server) would not have grown so fast without the external help of several people/companies who provided initial raw data, good ideas or open/free software development support.

Database Information

I was initially planning to use my own collection (along other information collected in second hand shops) as a start for a Database and use it only locally as personal collection management tool. As I was adding new functions, it slowly started to make sense that this should be made public and allow other users to join and add more information for the benefit of everyone. Luckily (or sadly), the main LaserDisc internet shops/resellers were closing their inventory around that time and posted their final LD database backups publicly hoping "it would be useful to someone". I hope I didn't fail. A big 'thank you' to the following sources!

  • Laserviews -- previous Image Entertainment, Inc. LD website
    Raw database (CSV) temporarily made available for download as posted on usenet -- available here
  • Sight and Sound (raw database posted on usenet)
    Raw database (TXT) temporarily made available for download from their website -- available here for US and non-US
  • VO Only friendly LD/DVD shop in Paris, France
    Raw database (XLS) extracted from their Shop Inventory
  • Georgia Home Theater
    Raw database (XLS) extracted from their Shop Inventory (similar to Laserviews)
  • CED Magic
    Raw database (HTML) extracted directly from the website, with authorization

Misc software packages and services