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Privacy on LDDb

Cookies usage on this site

Web browser cookies (persistent information between visits) are both a useful and potentially harmful. I try to limit their usage on to the bare minium, on the principle that its usefulness should outweight its potential life invasion. These are the cookies I currently use/tolerate:

  • LDDb user session - without them I can't track our collection/wishlist or transactions.
  • LDDb forum session - so we know how you are, what messages are still new/unread, etc.
  • Google Analytics - to analyze traffic trends
  • Google Adsense - to generate some ads revenue, pitifully around 50 EUR/year... Maybe I should remove it entirely.

And that's it. I don't see the point of having annoying ads when loyal users have been helping me to cover the costs of hosting so far. And I don't neither need nor want to know more about you, it's none of my business!

Personal information

No information will ever be sold/given/passed to 3rd-party companies without preliminary communication and option to opt-out -- this has never hapened in 10+ years of existence. I consider LDDb users as a community, not as a gold mine, some users became friends, some even gave me a job. Be sure your private information is safe with me!