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Grading the quality of a LD is not always an easy task. I tried to keep a practical strategy to evaluate both covers and discs as well as extras sold with and part of the title.

New/Sealed - has never been played

Factory sealed (not privately re-sealed) with no sticker/hole/bending/spine punch, etc. The state is was when it left the manufacturing stock.

Still new and sealed but some discoloration can be seen, the outer sealed plastic sleeve and sticker removed in a bad way or disc(s) moved inside and started punching through the spine(s)

Mint/Near Mint - only minor things, plays flawlessly

What it gives when you finally decide to open a 10/10 to play it, although the plastic is removed everything inside remains in mint/pristine/perfect condition.

A "Near Mint", there's not specific damage, but you know when looking at it that it was previously owned/used. Good care was taken to avoid any damage. Can also be a perfect Japanese copy, but the obi or the insert is missing.

An "very good to excellent" condition LD. If nothing's missing then you can see that the cover shows it's a used copy/the disc shows scuffs/fingers when inspected closely, obi/insert missing or no protective plastic sleeve. Still plays without any problem.

Used/Heavily Used/Damaged

5 to 1 to
Either LD shows rot or has many scratches/scuffs, cover is damaged (or even missing), obi/insert missing, etc. We could imagine you want to sell only the Obi (why not?) then it would get a 1/10. A cover only would get from 1 to 3 depending on its condition. Same goes for "disc(s) only" from 1 to 3 depending on their condition(s).