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Selling on LDDb

How do I sell? What should I know first?

First of all, is a marketplace and not credit card company or an escrow. is also working on this model, they do not sell anything physical but rather provide the service to make sellers get a wide visibility and attract more people. This is what I intend to do too with an approach designed only for Laserdiscs, with easy to use interface, free pricing history and a large LD Database as a Back-end Inventory.

Second, each Seller will need to be approved individually before opening a shop and selling to anyone. is full of scammers because it's just too easy to become a Seller. I don't want to see this on and I will take the time and effort to check identity and other feedback levels (on eBay or Yahoo Auctions) every time. I cannot guarantee the seriousness of every Buyers here. I can only create good conditions for flawless transactions but payment methods, conditions and timing are up to both Seller and Buyer. I will of course collect claims and terminate accounts in case of major problems.

As on any other Marketplace Site, your past feedbacks will be your best business card to show your commitment, seriousness and good will.

Advantages of Shops

Namely vs. other Auctions sites:

  • Database Back-end
    No need to describe your LDs all over again and again. Either the information is already included in the Databases or you can submit what is missing to make it perfect. You only need 2 mouse clicks to put a LD for sale in your Shop. All these information will be free of charge and available to anyone, any time.
  • No listing fee!
    Fed up with paying eBay for auctions that get no bid and that you need to relist again and again? Me too. That's why I believe the only win-win Marketplace model is when you need to pay a little something only when you make a lot more at the same time. Listing for a fee is not fair.
    All listings in your shops are 100% FREE.
  • Free statistics
    The eBay "Completed Listing" is a very useful source of information to find out what pricing should be used to maximize your start price but not over-price it at the same time. However, eBay reduced the available view to its Registered Users only and with an history of few weeks (versus 3 months then 1 month then 3 weeks a few years ago). They plan to make the full history available for private use on a $10,000/year basis.
    I don't believe this kind of information should be kept secret but should on the contrary help people define their collection value and what fair pricing could be made.
    All past transactions pricing history will be available freely to anyone.
  • Minimum selling fees
    To help me improve and keep working on for the years to come, I minimum financial help is greatly appreciated. I paid for both hardware and software to develop the site and I didn't count the hours I spent on this project. But the whole philosophy of the selling fees is that you have to participate financially in only if you are making money at the same time.

    The current model (From July 1st 2016) is working like this:
    • For any LDs : A flat 3.00%

    Other important things:
    • You only have to pay when the cumulated fees total reaches $15 (= minimum $500 sales) while other sites charge you from the first $1.
    • The selling fees apply to each LD, and not on each order (=cart).
    • If you think 3% is a high fee, compare it to 8% on Discogs and 12+% on eBay.

Requesting a Seller Access

In your Account Interface, there is a Section link where you may request your Seller status. Click here to send an Email to the Administrator with all needed information.

Requesting Seller Rights means that you agree on the mechanisms of the Shops, including the Selling Fees rules.

I was approved as a Seller. Now what should I do?

It's time to setup your Shop before adding any title. The link in your Account Interface turned into Create your Shop link. Go there directly to start setuping the essential details and the main categories you want to see in your Shop.

Selling: FAQ

How does "Best Offers" work for the Seller exactly?

If you choose to allow "Best Offers" from potential buyer (a rather interesting option since it allows the buyers to signal that maybe you're a little too expensive, or eventually submit several best offers and you might consider the whole lot as a decent bundled sale), this is what you should know:

  • The best offer is an option (but not an obligation) for you to sell at a discounted price offer
  • The offer from the buyer is valid 48h in your best offer interface
  • You can choose to either:
    • Accept it => It will be turned into a standard shop order with the lower price offer
    • Reject it => Another best offer will be possible but only if it's above the previous offer
    • Let it Expire => No restriction will be placed on another (identical or not) offer from that buyer
  • An accepted best offer turned into a firm order can still be cancelled if the transactions fails for any reason. In that case, upon transaction cancellation (on the admin side), the LD will be put back in shop at the original price (not the best offer price).

A few more details:

  • If you receive several best offers for the same title, accepting one will obsolete the others.
  • There is not "black list" to block specific buyers from repeatedly sending silly offers: might consider adding one if it's a problem... but then creating a brand new account will instantly circumvent the blacklisting: not very efficient.
  • I might also consider putting the "Accept Best Offer" on a per title basis, not as a global shop option.

I activated "Best Offers" but I cannot see the little icon next to my own titles?

It would make little sense that one could offer a "best offer" on his/her own titles for sale! Therefore a seller cannot see the best offer next to the titles in his/her shop.
To make sure they are actually showing up, simply use a different browser or log out from your LDDb session and... Voila!