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Current status v4.0.0 (updated 2022-01-24)

The Hardward Database section of the website is a long dream of mine to unify discs and players for collecting.

First draft was pushed today with basic edit controls, I'll work towards adding as many photos I can find along the way.

Current status v4.0.1 (updated 2022-03-29)

Small software updates:

Current status v4.0.2 (updated 2022-04-19)

  • Added a quick function to calculate your Collection's IMDb min/average/ax score (+ a graph of the distribution of titles!)

Current status v4.0.3 (updated 2022-09-17)

Small software updates:

Current status v4.0.4 (updated 2022-11-15)

  • Added a Collection estimated value calculation based on 2 sets of data: min/avg/max based on all past transactions + only an average based on the most recent ones.

Current status v4.0.5 (updated 2023-01-01)

Small software update:

Current status v4.0.5+ (updated 2023-02-03)

  • Finally took time to add the extra code needed to keep CDV/VSD covers at the proper ratio.
  • Removed BBC affiliate links (dead links).
  • Factory and Matrix/Runout (equivalant of mint marks) were added for HDDVD entries.
  • Rot level for HDDVDs was updated: instead of counting reports, it will consider the average strength of the existing rot reports.

Current status v4.0.6 (updated 2023-02-23)

Small software updates: