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Current status v1.5.4 (updated 2007-08-01)

  1. The Export and Delete functions in Inventory were seriously broken, they should be working normally now.
  2. Played a bit with scriptaculous and added a dynamic "zooming" cover on the main page random cover, now trying to adapt the same thing for shops (but tough limitations because of IE6 bugs).
  3. Quick upgrade of to fix issues with Opera:
  4. Fixed an old display problem with Opera (extra empty column in LD lists).
  5. Found the time to fix the :hover problem in IE6 with a nice dynamic handling of className (same trick used to display menu pop-ups). Now the row color changes when you move the mouse over search results.
  6. Simplified the way search/lists are treated to make some room in advance for multi-format searching.
  7. Added the NTSC or PAL (or else) in all extra information details. It makes the visual slightly heavier to look at but should avoid misunderstandings on video formats leading to failed transactions.
  8. Maintenance upgrade:
  9. Fixed a little bug with Mint-o-Matic™ using Internet Explorer 6

Current status v1.5.3 (updated 2007-07-01)

  1. Bug: The Shop contents were showing wrong contents when browsing "undefined" subcategories.
  2. The symbol in a dynamic list is now a link leading directly to the current shop offering.
  3. While trying to make sense of all the classical/ballet/opera releases, I bumped into a set of nice opera timelines on Operabase.
    The webmasters there allowed to reuse them (with some improvements) directly here.
  4. The "date stamp" for Collections was a very old request and it took me some time to fine-tune my favorite JavaScript Popup Calendar from Why add a date stamp on a LD in collection? I can think of 3 reasons:
    • To remember when you bought this LD
    • To remember when you last watched it
    • To remember when you last checked it for laser rot
  5. Added the current compatibility test list of browsers to the main help section.
  6. When linking a full-sized cover from outside LDDb (auction site, etc.), a "" will nowbe added, showing the origin of the picture. This watermark will not affect registered users browsing the covers normally from the computer where their login information cookie is stored (100% transparent for registered users).
  7. Maintenance upgrade:
  8. Collection exports was improved with UPC/Barcode and User set Date.
  9. Requested for a long time! Here comes the Mint-o-Matic™!

Current status v1.5.2 (updated 2007-06-05)

  1. A set of small annoying bugs fixed:
    • Browsing your collection by condition was redirecting to the wrong collection.
    • Local shipment restriction was wrongly displayed.
    • Laser Rot display was broken, missing a ',' in the code.
    • Bulk Upload was showing 1, 2, 3, etc. instead of Country name.
  2. Selling/Buying orders will now provide an Email link to the Buyer/Seller.
  3. An empty shop offer will offer you the possibility to insert the title into your wishlist.
  4. Shop Offer display for one title was (I hope) slightly improved for readability.
  5. Gathered all the small AJAX codes into a single file to ease of integration.
  6. URL structure was updated for account, shop, IMDb search and about.
  7. I think I finally got the Vestron releases right! (I hope...) Sorry to all for keeping your submissions and updates pending for so long:
    • First Vestron released its titles under the VLxxxx references
    • Image Entertainement then signed a distribution contract with Vestron under IDVLxxxx
    • Image Entertainement reorganized its numbering for the remasters as IDxxxxVL
    Now I need to check ALL the covers...
  8. Semi-colon will be transparent in searches now Mozart Treatures will also find Mozart: Treasures [PHLK-5501~6].
  9. Modified the way the list controls (cover, collection, wishlist, etc.) highlight will be updated.

Current status v1.5.1 (updated 2007-04-15)

  1. Collection and Wishlist exports were improved with Specs, Condition and Notes.
  2. The visual icons giving information about the status of user accounts were updated:
    • for accounts with bouncing/wrong Email address
    • for account with more than 300 consecutive days of zero activity
    • for account deleted after 1 year of total lack of activity
  3. Hi-Vision display updated to show B-Mode (2ch) analog tracks encoding.
  4. Maintenance upgrade:
  5. It's now possible to browse your collection by condition (10, 9, 8, etc.)
  6. Past Sales history will now display a summary table, with most recent sales listed first, up to 25 successful transactions.
  7. Overall feedback details (percentage from 0% to 100%) will now also be displayed for non-seller users.
  8. Laser Rot detailed display was somewhat improved, it was one of the oldest untouched part of the site!
  9. On my request/support, the author of Barcode Generator fixed the ISBN display with X checksum character:
  10. Laserdisc URLs were updated to look slightly more self-explaining and increase revelance on search engines.

Current status v1.5.0 (updated 2007-03-31)

  1. Collection and Wishlist exports were improved with Specs, Condition and Notes.
  2. Maintenance upgrade:
  3. Wishlist front-end will now allow to list only titles with notification active or expired.
  4. Wishlist description legend (for controls) was updated, previous version was somehow ambiguous.
  5. Feedback notification Email template was slightly simplified.
  6. Removed the connection with the Music Video Database (not maintained anymore).