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Current status v2.1.7 (updated 2010-02-08)

  1. Happy new year!
  2. Admin visual graphics were updated.
  3. Donation list split on 4 columns with bold name for multiple donations.
  4. Search engine was too restrictive on and/& permutations. It should not skip valid results anymore.
  5. Search engine was also too restrictive roman/numericals (2/II, 3/III, etc.). It should catch more relevant titles now.
  6. Fixed: Superseded offers (when a best offer is dropped because another was accepted) were not sent to everyone.
  7. SQL optimization: generating the Cooliris RSS feed was taking too long (not parsing tables in the right order).
  8. Updates:

Current status v2.1.6 (updated 2009-10-09)

  1. Added the "Best Offers" also on Store lists.
  2. Started playing around with a very nice piece of HTML Editor WYSIWYG TinyMCE for "About Me" and "Shop Policy"
  3. Updated the ex-Piclens into the newly rebranded Cooliris for fun 3D Collection Cover browsing.
  4. Added Reference sorting on Shops contents.
  5. Fixed a problem in the "Best Offers" control that would only loop on the same page when a decision accept/reject was taken. Yet-another-IExplorer-bug :-(
  6. Added OBI display information for Taiwan titles too.
  7. A few (very few) LDs were released in a 7" size. I added this option to the engine.
  8. Added OBI display information for Korean titles too.
  9. Best Offers coming from accounts with an overall negative feedback level have been turned off.
  10. Fixed: Left some dead code that would trigger countless debug popups on Internet Explorer when browsing public collections.
  11. Added Custom field for shops inventories (to match outside inventories with same IDs) and modified Shop export format accordingly.
  12. Fixed: Some LDs in shops were showing a quantity of 0. GUI will not allow this anymore and shops will not list them.
  13. Updates:

Current status v2.1.5 (updated 2009-05-07)

  1. The Collection lists will differentiate between covers you submitted personally and other pictures.
  2. All titles will provide direct search to YouTube™ now.
  3. Removed the optional "discard extra characters" for reference searching. It will be always active from now on.
  4. The limitation in buying for accounts less than 48 hours was removed... It never worked in the first place!
  5. Major update: Users can now submit a "Best Offer" (from 1% to 50% discount) for consideration if this option is activated by the Seller:
    • When "Best Offers" are accepted, will appear in the list of a shops offer for a specific LD
    • If you have a pending offer, the button will turn into
    • Offer can be anywhere from 1% to 50% discount on the current price, by steps of 0.5%
    • A best offer is valid for 48 hours and can either:
      • Be accepted (this will create a regular transaction)
      • Be rejected (you may then submit a new best offer as long as its price is above the previous one)
      • Expire
      • Be removed because the LD was removed from the Shop
      • Be removed because the LD was purchased at the current price
      • Be removed because the LD was purchased through another Best Offer
    • The point of a Best Offer is to bring more balance in prices offered and requested than the "best bid" mechanism used with the wishlists

Current status v2.1.1 (updated 2009-04-23)

  1. Finally found an elegant way to add some of the Moviesgoods poster offering, title by title. Even if you are not interested in a sponsored link, it gives another rather pleasant visual dimension.
  2. Redesigned the contents of the main/welcome/index page.
  3. Added another sorting by format in Collection and Wishlist front-ends.
  4. Added an additional screen to allow an overwiew of Pop/Jazz artists on Laserdisc
  5. Since covers are reaching 40% coverage, I moved the shop availability first in cross-listing instead.
  6. Google search should be made easier by providing separate links for Title and Reference searches.
  7. Bulk Upload will not try to make things a little more convenient for sellers matching long list of titles.

Current status v2.1.0 (updated 2009-02-21)

  1. Improved slightly the generated graphs and fixed some issues due to the change in year.
  2. Finally a long overdue addition to LDDb: the possiblity to add to Collection and Wishlist any format currently supported (LD, VHD, CED, D-VHS and HD DVD).
    This might create a few interferences between database and some displays, please don't hesitate to contact me if you find something strange...
  3. Minor change: the daily stats are now triggered from a cron table, no more inside PHP code. This should remove the 20~30s wait while loading a page when new stats needs to be refreshed.
  4. Added the "COMBO" information to the HD DVD lists.
  5. Shop Policy description size limit was raised from 5,000 to 10,000 characters.
  6. Japanese HD DVD will now provide a direct link to CD Japan website.
  7. The overall % computation was wrong for users with 1 or more negative feedback. It's now back to normal.
  8. When adding a LD to your shop, the past sales and current offers will now be displayed to help you price it fairly.
  9. Wishlist active notification were increased from 90 (3 months) to 180 days (6 months).
  10. Every search results can now be filtered to display on LDs (the main topic of this website to start with!).
  11. Fixed: a nasty frame-in-a-frame-in-a-frame issue would make the browsing of the Global Shop an endless loop.
  12. Added a link in Wishlist Notifications messages to renew ALL bids at once.
  13. Linux Kernel updated from 2.6.18 to 2.6.24.