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History available for: v4.0, v3.4, v3.3, v3.2, v3.1, v3.0, v2.8, v2.7, v2.6, v2.5, v2.2, v2.1, v2.0, v1.5, v1.4, v1.3, v1.2, v1.1, v1.0, v0.x (pre-beta)

Current status v1.1.5+ (updated 2005-05-01)

  1. Rewrote the feedbacks code to allow more flexibility (no more recomputing at each display).
  2. It was possible to add to Collection/Wishlist cancelled titles. This was removed as well as cancelled titles currently in Collections (5) or Wishlists (3).
  3. Added new "collection" definition to try to rebuild some Japanese sets released under the same banner such as Pioneer's Pick Me Up - LD 100 Selection or Laserdisc Digital Selection.
  4. Refined the Order Tracking (Pending/Closed/All) with more sorting options and navigation split for Buyer/Seller/Admin.
  5. Fixed an old HTML bug in the Shops that caused useless extra spacing.
  6. Frozen account will now get automated Email to inform them of the change.
  7. Global Shop updated to match User Shops design (Search Box, etc.).
  8. Modified some sections to generate more hits on Google...
  9. Fixed a tiny cosmetic bug when "Show Controls" was pushed.
  10. Replaced the O/X (Select None/All) push letters with a much nicer unique checkbox control.
  11. At last! Now it's possible to input several times the same title in Collection and add a custom note (40 chars max)!
  12. It then became possible to "duplicate" a title in Collection directly from the list (see "Show Update").
  13. Quick Search modified to allow search by exact reference (no wildchars) or IMDb as a shortcut.
  14. Now the search by "Author" also lists titles where Additional Information was provided (regardless of the current title owner).
  15. Advanced Search was missing a search on "Additional Information"! Try 'David Mallet' for example.
  16. Top 100 for Collection and Wishlist will extend beyond 100 results to fetch also ex-equaos.
  17. Fixed the navigation [1] [2] etc. that, in some cases, would jump to stupid offsets.
  18. Added HDVS (uncompressed Hi-Vision) list and display with specific logo.
  19. Bulk upload batch is now limited to 100 titles at a time to avoid execution timeout.
  20. Replaced all "LD+G" with correct "LD-G" title (as opposed to CD+G...).

Current status v1.1.5 (updated 2005-04-07)

  1. Refined the Feedbacks with more elaborate visuals stats for Sellers.
  2. Moved external searches to a separate box.
  3. Added a Top100-Collection small Logo
  4. Added a section for Collection/Wishlist control in the FAQ.
  5. Global Shop was counting all inventory and not only Active shops ones. Fixed.
  6. Active Shops are now more listed only by name but also by stock quantity (descending order). Design updated.
  7. Added a distinction between 5" CD Video (music+video) and 5" Video Single Disc (video).
  8. Fixed a bug that made adding LD to Shop in IExplorer to lose the #LDDB between pages.
  9. Forgot to force login screen on several "Account" submenus.
  10. Fixed a bug that made notification to be sent with Condition/Price not properly matched.
  11. Too many wrong UPC/ISBN, a little tool was needed to help with these nasty digits. Just click on [check] to get instant validation when updating or submitting!
  12. Optimized the daily statistics refreshing getting dangerously close to the 30s time out.
  13. Username and Password cannot be identical anymore when registering.
  14. Re-design the Shop Front-end a bit to add a Seach Engine specific to the Shop.
  15. Had to update some MySQL code to cope with 4.0.x to 4.1.x server update.
  16. You can't see any difference but most pages are almost ready for localization!
  17. Added a "Firefox" campaign link.
  18. Fixed the cross-sub faceted views in both Shop and Inventory displays
  19. Fixed a very old bug that cause Buyer's order history to miss "Payment Received" status.
  20. Pending feedbacks will now show only the past 3 months. Additional link provided to list them all. (removed - 2007/01/31)
  21. Navigation ([1] [2] ... [n]) was partly rewritten as a function.
  22. Feedbacks visual was slighly compacted and improved a bit more.
  23. Shop Inventory code rewritten, but should be improved a little bit more soon.
  24. shop availability code had a bug, hidding some titles with no good reason. Fixed.
  25. Email Notification of Wishlist vs. Shops were activated.

Current status v1.1.3 (updated 2005-01-31)

  1. Bugfix: Shops/Global Shop were not sorting by reference.
  2. Stats: Added Shops availability/Active Shops history.
  3. Added a "Top 100 Bids" List
    • Inputing accurate/realistic bids (price where you're ready to buy) will motivate Sellers pricing decisions...
    • An automated "lock it now" is under consideration. If a new title in Shop matches your Wishlist Conditions, it would be automatically locked for you until you finally agree to buy it or not, then it would become available to the next filled wish, etc. until eventually someone buys it or it finally join the pool of available titles. Priority would of course be to the first person to put the title in his/her Wishlist with Conditions, first arrived-first served (thanks to n$a (290) for the concept).
  4. Users with obviously fake bids ($1000 for T2 Pan&Scan?) will have their account frozen. In frozen state, bids are not taken into consideration to compute stats and best bids.
  5. List specs will now differentiate purely CAV titles with /CAV from titles with last side or mixed CLV/CAV with /+CAV.
  6. Shops display will now update the sub-categories for sub-searches (cross-search within Wishlists and Collection). It makes the refresh speed slower but... ease a lot the search of specific titles within a subsearch, e.g.:
  7. Display/Display ALL will now follow the current selection (Shop/Wishlist/Wishlist+conditions/Collection) to reflect this improvement.
  8. Added a "Search Extension Plugin" for Firefox/Mozilla all modern browsers to search directly LDDb.com from your favorite browser Thanks to gary for the idea!
  9. Registration and Transaction notification Emails were slightly improved.
  10. Added Google AdSense sponsored link as a trial. If links/activities selected by Google do not add any specific added value to the browsing/usage of the site, they will go away. I only intend to add sponsoring/ads when they provide additional choices/information related to movies/laserdiscs/etc.
  11. Added a pre-defined list for the CinemaDisc Collection.
  12. Upgraded Upgraded JPGraph from 1.16 to 1.17

Current status v1.1.2 (updated 2004-12-25)

  1. Transactions Emails were slightly improved
  2. Grading Popup should work now for "Add to Shop" (but not from Shop/Inventory yet)
  3. Renamed "Beta Testing" to "History"
  4. Added the Top 100 of titles inserted in Shops
  5. Modified the [+]/[#]/[$]. No more underlining, the "P" column (for "Cover Picture available") will disappear and show for titles in your collection, in all collection, in a Shop somewhere. Clicking on will link directly to the Shops offering for this title.
  6. Important: the following situations will disable the possibility to buy from Shops:

    1. Account is frozen (no activity in the past 300 days)
    2. Account is invalid (wrong Email address, overquota, etc.)
    3. Account was created less than 48 hours ago (removed - 2009/05/04)

    1. is to avoid account highjacking
    2. is to avoid Sellers getting a "user unknown" error Email back
    3. is against instant Account creation only to purchase from Shops and disappear forever

    This is all to protect Sellers of course.

  7. Cart Module (left column) while shopping was not displaying quantities correctly.
  8. LD for sale with Qty > 1 had problems to add to cart on some displays.
  9. Menus were re-ordered to groups functions by families, with line separations.
  10. When Reference Search is used with DISCARD=OFF, optional link on results to perform the same search again with DISCARD=ON added.
  11. When the inner contents of a shop is displayed alone, it will now be reframed automatically to its Shop (good for Google/Froggle). This works for ANY link within a Shop.
  12. I was mistakenly listing contents of closed Shops...
  13. Top 100 Wishlist now shows best active bid.
  14. Top 100 Shop now shows Shop Name.
  15. Top 100 Sold now shows price and condition.
  16. Shops can now be filtered against Wishlist with Conditions (Price and/or Condition).
  17. Search results will also highligh items already in your Wishlist with the icon.
  18. Account frozen/invalid wishlists will no longer be included in daily stats (both wishlist rankings and bids).