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Current status v3.3.0 (updated 2020-05-27)

If COVID-19 had one unexpected consequence, it was to keep me back home with a lot free time during confinement and access to my server 24/7 after a WiFi router firmware upgrade fixed my constant timouts.
We're upgrading to v3.3 because I made changes that are not compatible with the previous code base. A lots of parts were refreshed/simplified as well.
  1. The soundtrack display will now handle correctly Multi Audio configurations on LDs. The direct consequence is that now Digital tracks have been split in Digital Left and Digital Right. All submit/update/modify forms have been updated as well.
  2. In additional to basic LD-ROM (like for some IBM discs), LaserActive's MEGA-LD (SEGA) and LD-ROM2 (NEC) have their own VIDEO mode and related logos.

  3. It is possible to flag a release as existing as an official "Sample Copy" (checkbox: Sample)
  4. The "temporary" buttons for BACK/FRONT cover flips only remained temporary for 3.5 years, they finally got proper icons!

    To celebrate this, guests to the website will have access to both Front and Back covers without loging in.
  5. Collection list have and additional cover icon to show that you were the provider of both front and back cover pics.
  6. There are a lot of Adult contents in the Anime world and, to be able to filter covers from search engines, the new category Adult Anime was created.
  7. Small change in iCover 2.0, the slider will only appear after the full loading is finished and there are enough covers to require a slider control.
  8. To try to make sense of the Mint Markings found on most Laserdiscs, I am generating on request the reverse database (Mint marks -> Title instead of Title -> Mint marks) for:
  9. The search field (left side and index page) will also offer basic reference auto-completion in addition to title search (for ex, try: PILF-280)
  10. I added 15 new taglines (at the top of each page), can you find them?
  11. I dropped the idea of adding dts CDs, DVD Audio and SACD... Discogs just does it a lot better than I will ever do.
Major projects ahead to keep things fresh and up-to-date:
  • Update the server from DEBIAN 8.11 (LTS will end in June 2020) to DEBIAN 10.4
  • Update the Linux Kernel from 5.1.2 (EOL since August 2019) to the stable 5.6.14 tree.
  • Update Apache2 from 2.4.10 to 2.4.38
  • Update PHP from 5.6.40 to the 7.3.
  • Migrate from MySQL from 5.5.62 to MariaDB or MySQL 8
  • Migrate from phpBB3 from 3.0.14 to 3.2.9
Ideally that would involve transitioning to a new server but all the current available solutions are priced above the monthly fees I'm paying. That will require a big-bang upgrade From Debian 8 to 9 to 10 (after validation on a sandbox VM). Wish me luck!