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How do I submit cover pictures? There's no link anywhere!

The best solution is currently to with following specs:

  • JPEG Format
  • Maximum 150KB/picture
  • Square sized, cropped to only the cover
  • Minimum 400x400 (if possible, as thumbnails are 200x200)
  • No direct flashlight, no "partial" cover made with a A4 scanner
  • Mention your username for proper credits
  • Also mention the #LDDB number of each title
  • Please: NO PICTURE TAKEN FROM EBAY OR OTHER AUCTIONS SITES, only personal pictures

What if I can't find any catalog number/reference code anywhere on the cover, spine or disc labels?

In that case, we use a special "3 dashes" value --- that means "no reference".

I updated a title with UPC but it shows in red (wrong/too short/too long UPC)

Usually UPC/Barcode will be 12 digits for US releases and 13 digits for European/Japanese releases. All digits counts (including the smaller ones at the beginning and at the end).

In some very rare cases the UPC is plain wrong on the cover, or too short (no check digit included on old titles). If it's the case, just Email me to point it out or leave a note to the Admin in the "Misc info" text box and I'll fix it.

There is not UPC/Barcode or ISBN anywhere, how to specify a non existing one?

- is a special value for a missing UPC/Barcode or ISBN. It will display (none) instead.

I just made an update and got one field wrong. Should I submit a complete update again?

No need to do things twice. Just submit a second update with the field you want to see updated again. I will first merge your first update, then move to the second one and only validate the field with new information. I never merge updates without checking quickly each field one by one to avoid information not making any sense.

What should I do when a title contents points to several IMDb references?

Very simple:

  1. Set the main IMDB Ref to 0000000
  2. Do not set a YEAR unless all contents are from the same year
  3. Use the "Misc Info" text box to provide an automated IMDb link using #IMDB=xxxxxxx

What "Release Date" should I input for a cancelled title?

1900-00-00 is a special value for cancelled titles.
Additionnaly, if you only now the release Year, you may use 1987-00-00 for "1987" and 1987-01-00 for "January 1987".