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LDDb Icons

Icons related to User Account

Administration Icon
This picture denotes that the user is an Administrator of the Database. Administrator can access your personal information, validate or discard your updates/submissions, freeze or delete accounts, etc. There's currently only one administrator (admin (414)) but the system is designed to allow more than one Administrator to interact with the Databases.

Collection Icon
The Collection function can be used to compile and list all your titles for private purpose. But you might also want to add a "My Laserdisc Collection" link in your signature on forums or mailing-lists. If you decide to make your Collection public, then all other users will be informed that they can freely have a look at what's on your shelves. When you decide to make your Collection public, this picture will be displayed next to your username.

New User
To identify people who recently registered on, this movie clap picture shows a new "start" for one month after you created your account. This icon will no be displayed anymore when you decide to update your username or your Email, see the following "Account updated" icon. This was the case before.

Account updated
When a User modifies the Address or the Phone Number provided during account creation, nothing will show on the Username displayed. However in case of updating the Email address or the username itself, this picture will be appended during 1 months.

"About Me"
In addition to making your Collection public, you might be interested in telling other users a bit more about yourself. When you setup your "About" page (maximum 5KB of HTML), this "Look at me" picture will be displayed next to your username. I have to acknowledge that this is one of the icons designed for the MagicWB Theme on Amiga, years ago.

User Shop
A Username with this icon means that it's a Seller, that a Shop has been created and opened for you to browse and find good deals!

Feedback Level
To allow you to quickly identity regular sellers who performed several successful transactions leading to a positive feedback, the following precious stones/metals icons will correspond to:
  • None: 0 to 9
  • Amethyst: 10 to 19
  • Topaz: from 20 to 49
  • Emerald: from 50 to 99
  • Sapphire: 100 to 199
  • Ruby: 200 to 499
  • Diamond: from 500 to 999
  • Silver: from 1,000 to 1,499
  • Double Silver: from 1,500 to 1,999
  • Gold: from 2,000 to 2,999
  • Double Gold: from 3,000 to 3,999
  • Triple Gold: from 4,000 to 4,999
  • Platinum: from 5,000

Email Invalid
If I detect that the Email used to register your account is boucing (removed, overquota, etc.), your account will become "invalid" until the next probe. Not that invalid account are directly deleted when they reach 365 days of zero activity. Sending the "freeze" Email notification would make no sense since it would never reach the account's owner.

Account Frozen
If your account has been unused for more than 365 days, it will first be "frozen" while I'm trying to contact you to check if you want to keep this account active of not. After a few days/weeks in a frozen stats, it will be deleted.

Account Deleted
I need to keep an accurate list of Users to know who is participating and who just create an account and never came back. Therefore when an account has not been used for more than 365 days, I will "freeze" it and try to contact you to know if you would like to delete your account. Or, when the Email address you provided is wrong, I will first "invalidate" your account and wait to see some activity. If none is detected, I will also delete your account. However, deleted does not mean killed and your Collection and Wishlist will be saved in a separate backup file before their deletion from the Database. If by any chance you would come back and reactivate this account, it would still be possible to restore everything.

Icons related to Titles in the Database

New Entry
Simply means that the Entry was inserted in the 10 past days.

Entry updated
Simply means that the Entry was modified in the 10 past days.

New Item
Simply means that the Item was inserted in the Shop in the 30 past days.

Cover Available
Some user was kind enough to take the time to shoot some LD covers and send them to me for integration.

Covers Available (front and back)
Same as above but both front and back cover pictures are available (you need to be logged in to access back covers).