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What is it?

If you found this site by chance (or mistake?), be welcomed to this effort to archive/compile all possible information on all the Laserdiscs ever released on the planet. I'm not doing it all by myself, many users already joined and input their information into the main Dabatase.

Why do it from scratch?

I tried to find such effort already done somewhere else but couldn't find any. So, I decided to do it by myself. There are several reasons for this:

  • IMDb, after a good beginning, became quite lazy on LDs to focus on DVDs and the Database has not been updated since July, 2000. It is even no more possible to post an update/new information Laserdisc with their new interface, Laserdiscs are considered "(dormant/archival)". Many titles are simply listed with no Laserdisc information at all. This Database is not based on IMDb Data. I respect the amount of work they put on an initially free project and won't use it without their consent.
  • The Laserdisc Software and Hardware became officially discontinued worldwide middle 2002. That sounds like the right time to start a comprehensive listing of all existing titles/models/books/goodies.

Where to start?

Check the left column menu for quick Help References on Icons, Submission (LD, Cover), Buying/Selling, etc.

Do not hesitate to also check the Site History page for more information on recents and past changes/improvements. Any remark on functions you would like to see added or modified can be useful to everyone, do not hesitate to send me your opinions, most of them will eventually be included.

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