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LDDB's User Forum

 The Forum and Private Messaging are only accessible to existing LDDb users!

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phpBB3 is mature enough to be integrated into LDDb

For some time now, I have been playing with the idea of adding an online forum to LDDb for several reasons:

  • It will do a much greater job to handle discussions, replies, searches, etc. across LD-related topics
  • It will allow internal private messaging more reliably/securely than I could ever write it alone
  • Google LD newsgroups are dying and some valuable knowledge might be lost if now gathered in a single, popular location
  • People still using LD players are probably a small community of fans who would like to discuss some advanced player features or compare releases
  • Buyers and Sellers could interact more freely before agreeing on a transaction (shopping costs, etc.)
  • Probably other reasons I haven't identified yet...

I hope you agree with me!

How does it work exactly?

The main idea is to merge both LDDb and phpBB environment into a single one. Namely, when you are logged on LDDb and you access the forum for the first time, a new forum account with the same username, Email address, initial registration date and LDDb account URL is created. From phpBB, you will not be able to change your login/email/password to keep things consistent across the two subdomains (www. and forum.). You can still update your username/Email/password from LDDb, it will silently be updated on phpBB as well.

Because of this specific integration, you will not find a Register/Login/Logout link on phpBB, instead the main menu buttons will offer a link back to LDDb, your username, FAQ, Search, etc.

Who can use the forum?

The forum is public for browsing/reading but only LDDb users with an active LDDb account can participate. Register today!

I was trying to click on the Private Messaging icon and I landed here?

For the same reasons, Private Messaging only works if both Sender and Receiver have a forum account, and thus an active LDDb account. Register today!

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