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How do I add titles to my Wishlist? I can't find the right button!

There are 3 ways to move titles to your Wishlist:

  1. Manual (title by title)
    You will need to find the exact title you're searching and display its dedicated page (see example here). Then you just need to push this button (when you are logged in) to move this title to your Wishlist:

  2. Semi-manual (by full searches)
    This time you need to make a search in the Database (either simple or advanced) to get a list of results matching your query. Then simply push "Show Controls" in the left column and checkboxes/submit button will appear to let you add several titles into your Collection and/or Wishlist at the same time.

  3. Automatic (with existing lists)
    Go to the Bulk Upload. Check "Wishlist" as a target and provide directly a list of references/barcodes (try to keep them less than 100 at a time, the processing takes a lot of CPU time), then confirm the results after the matching process has been completed.

I wrongly added a title in my wishlist List. How do I remove it?

Visit your Wishlist display, select a category where the unwanted title is, click on "Show (re)Move", select and validate > Remove <.

Can I move title previous in my Wishlist to my Collection (I just bought it)?

Visit your Wishlist display, select a category where the newly purchased title is, click on "Show (re)Move", select and validate > Move to Collection <.