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v4.5.0 / 2023-08-15 
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Current status v2.7.9 (updated 2015-05-22)

  1. Software upgrade:
    • MySQL (5.5.41 -> 5.5.43)
  2. Since we have champion sellers here, I had to update the feedback award icons to prepare for 1,000+ positive feedbacks!
    • From 10: Amethyst
    • From 20: Topaz
    • From 50: Emerald
    • From 100: Sapphire
    • From 200: Ruby
    • From 500: Diamond
    • From 1,000: Silver
    • From 2,000: Gold
    • From 5,000: Platinum

Current status v2.7.8 (updated 2015-02-18)

  1. Software upgrade:
  2. Freeze/Delete conditions have been changed for user accounts:
    • Accounts will be now frozen after 1 full year (365 days), previously was 300 days.
    • Accounts will be deleted after an additional 100 days, previously was 80 days.
  3. Seller accounts cut dates:
    • Shop Closed after Seller has been away for more than 6 months (180 days) or empty shop.
    • Seller's Rights removed after Seller has been away for more than 1 full year (365 days) or Shop never created.

Current status v2.7.7 (updated 2014-12-12)

  1. End of year maintenance time! Software upgrade:

Current status v2.7.6 (updated 2014-08-05)

  1. Software upgrade:
  2. In standard search, the cover icon will now become when both front and back covers are available.
  3. Another LD Manufactury added! SKC Korea, with mint markings in -L. It seems that this factory was only designed to serve the Korean market.

Current status v2.7.5 (updated 2014-05-27)

  1. Software upgrade:
  2. ffutures floated the idea that it would be nice to know instantly what are the titles you are the only one to carry in your online collection. Either to decide if it's a rare copy or to motivate you to update details and send a cover, I found this to be a good concept so it will now show as a Unique in this Collection link on the collection front-end.
  3. Added the Gene Shalit's Critics Choice collection (separate from the ENCORE releases).

Current status v2.7.4 (updated 2014-02-05)

  1. Major hardware upgrade happened again last September due to faulty hardware:
    • 4GB RAM -> 8GB RAM
    • 2 cores -> 4 cores
    • DELL -> HP
  2. Software upgrade:
  3. Previous Firefox-only search engine is now an OpenSearch pluging compatible with FF, IE, Chrome, Safari, etc.
  4. Finalized the coding to allow an expired counter-offer (from Seller to Buyer) to be re-offered as-is for another 48h.
  5. Feeback accounting had a rather strong mechanism (in log2(n) that penalized repeat customers in the same shop...
    Now the system will simply account each positive feedback as a +1 update. Enjoy the free extra feedbacks and thanks to laserdisc_fan (446) for bringing up the subject.
  6. mayhem (1) found a bug where collection and wishlist exports would ouput a FULL list when performing a custom (text) search. It is working as expected now and WYSIWYExport.

Current status v2.7.3 (updated 2013-08-01)

  1. Major hardware upgrade:
    • 4GB RAM -> 8GB RAM
    • 2 cores -> 4 cores
  2. Major software upgrade:

Current status v2.7.2 (updated 2013-04-06)

  1. Removed the Google Shopping/Merchant/Froogle links as this is now a paying service.

Current status v2.7.1 (updated 2013-01-05)

  1. Misc. bug fixes in best offers and Top 100 lists.
  2. It does not happen very often but laserking (38) has identified a LD factory that used to master titles for the Asian markets (ex-Japan): PRINCO

Current status v2.7.0 (updated 2012-08-19)

  1. After the Best Offers... the Counter Offers!