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History available for: v4.0, v3.4, v3.3, v3.2, v3.1, v3.0, v2.8, v2.7, v2.6, v2.5, v2.2, v2.1, v2.0, v1.5, v1.4, v1.3, v1.2, v1.1, v1.0, v0.x (pre-beta)

Current status v1.4.9 (updated 2007-03-03)

  1. No more limitation to 3 months for the default "Post Feedback" view (added in v1.1.5)
  2. Permalink replaced by Google Ads Links in the bottom status bar.
  3. Added a  [show link]  control with visual effect to easily copy/paste Title/URL for each title.
  4. Dropped support for Music Video Database cross-linking.
  5. Extra notes using #IMDB= auto-links will now also display the MovieGoods link.
  6. Finally took time to write the Javascript version of the Mint-o-Matic® engine!
    Cleaned up the list of LD Factories as well (Bandai is Pioneer Japan, Nippon Crown is Mitsubishi, Sony Japan is DADC Japan, etc.).

Current status v1.4.8 (updated 2007-01-13)

  1. Finally updated the "Picture Not Available", it was the first GIF I ever designed for the site. Not a very good design...
  2. Random Cover on the main page will display more relevant information in the tooltype pop-up window.
  3. I slightly re-organized the menus. They should be more naturally ordered now.
  4. Tiny bug-fix on some searches fetching too many results.
  5. Asked again (I do that every 6 months) IMDb if they would bulk download all the IMDb-LDDb links. They said "soon". It's been 2.5 years already since I first prepared the XML snapshot for them...
  6. Oops! The "Export" function for both Collection and Wishlist was completely broken!
  7. User Ratings are starting to show so results (more than 5 ratings needed for each category), like Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (1999) [PILF-2830]
  8. The "on location" modification of sellers' offer directly in the shop list is now possible. This is the best possible option for now until the Inventory section gets its much needed upgrade!

Current status v1.4.7 (updated 2006-12-02)

  1. Maintenance upgrade:
  2. Now "Add to Collection" or "Add to Wishlist" will lead directly to the "Most recent" view, to quickly customize condition/notification.
  3. MAJOR CHANGE: A wishlist will now activate notification BY DEFAULT with default values set to any price/any condition. This Notification will become inactive after 90 days unless you renew it. You may also desactivate it directly from the first notification Email you might receive.
  4. Specs column/field was added for Collection/Wishlist export in TXT/CSV/XML/XLS formats.
  5. Posting a feedback will now highlight the currently selected values (positive, neutral, etc.) to avoid any mistake (a feedback cannot be modified after you send it)!
  6. Shop offering display will now provide a direct link to the Criterion Collection titles for sale (localted on the right of the already existing and links).

Current status v1.4.6 (updated 2006-11-11)

  1. The "non ajax" legacy pages for collection/wishlist were slight broken after previous update, they got fixed and should work as before now.
  2. Global Shop menus also suffers a bit from code change, it has been cleaned.
  3. Normally the "blank screen" problem when submitting an update (LD/VHD/CED) should be gone!
  4. Top 100 lists would shows a non-existing shop offer. They were all corrected.

Current status v1.4.5 (updated 2006-10-03)

  1. LDDb.com introduces... 2 new formats being slowly merged into the main dabatase architecture!
    CED (RCA SelectaVision Videodisc, more information here)
    VHD (developped by VICTOR (JVC) in Japan, more information here)

    I will make CED/VHD available for Collection/Wishlist/Shops when enough information will be gathered on them. Give us a hand!

    Currently the following actions are possible for both CED and VHD:

    1. Update an existing title
    2. Submit a personal rating for Picture/Sound/Package

    Currently not possible (under development) for both CED and VHD:

    1. Submit a new title
    2. Add a title in Collection
    3. Add a title in Wishlist
    4. Get a mixed list of LD/CED/VHD on a global search
    5. Add a title in Shop
    6. Cover upload specs will be finalized soon

  2. WARNING: if you are using direct link/URL to LDDb.com, type parameter has been replaced with format.
  3. Finally gave up denying cool visual effects provided by Prototype and Scriptaculous. Decided to put some little effects a bit everywhere. Can you find them all? Not moving everything yet (sticking to unfriendly SAJAX) because my tests still showed many inconsistencies and incompatibilities between Opera/FF/IE and strange AJAX behavior...
  4. The "personal ratings" were just introduced, they should be self-explanatory! An average will be displayed when at least 5 votes will be casted.

Current status v1.4.2 (updated 2006-09-23)

  1. Feebacks were somehow improved by grouping the feedbacks received from same user. This shows if a Seller was considered reliable enough to make its customers buy from him again!
  2. "No ISBN" can now be defined using the single dash: - (just like UPC/Barcode)
  3. Fixed: Wishlist notifications were sometimes sending an Email even though the bid expired. Not anymore.
  4. Added a few more flags.

Current status v1.4.1 (updated 2006-09-15)

  1. Notification Email from Wishlist will now provide direct URLs to either renew or cancel a given active bid on a specific title.
  2. Wishlist front-end will now allow to directly renew all active bids in a single click.
  3. Posting a feedback will now trigger a notification Email to the user receiving the feedback.
  4. Cover information is no more a dynamic AJAX event, it's now preloaded.
  5. Froogle/Boogle Base upload was updated to provide more information (and hopefully more visibility) to User Shops Inventories!
  6. Had to add an additional column to the lists (general, collection and wishlist) for the toolbox popup that wouldn't align properly with Internet Explorer otherwise. Thanks to allgaeuer   for reporting this.

Current status v1.4 (updated 2006-08-15)

  1. Fixed a stupid bug that would include cancelled titles in an Advanced Search on Release date.
  2. Moved the user controls from the "title" to the "specs" column in LD lists, this was very annoying otherwise.
  3. Page browsing was updated, no more jump by |< < > or >|. Instead neighbour pages will be accessible, then distant pages by jump of 10, then first/last pages.
  4. Still fighting against Internet Explorer to get more dynamic controls. Will now force a reload where this is not possible easily (.innerHTML on <tr> element for example).
  5. Account main display for Seller will now show the current balance for past transactions.
  6. Now you can rate any LD by picture, sound and package. When at least 2 votes are casted for either Picture, Sound or Package quality, an average rating will be displayed for each LD.
  7. Fixed a bug (count() instead of sum()...) in the Order report that would display a wrong Quantity information.
  8. Added a stupid random tagline, feel free to submit yours!
  9. Added DTS Stereo, Ultra Stereo and Chace Stereo specific lists and also updated the layout a bit.
  10. Made large cover load/display a little more visually pleasing thanks to a custom version of Lightbox.
  11. Fixed stupid bug that would update the submission date of a comment on a LD when updated by Admin, even though comment was not modified.
  12. Added "Most Recent first" global lists for Collection and Wishlist to quickly find recently added titles.
  13. Fixed a bug in laser rot management that would prevent deleting a report.
  14. Replaced the "please wait" hourglass with a more modern "infinite loop"
  15. Split the History (you're here if you're reading this) display into versions. The full list was getting too long.
  16. Added the price shop in the "Most recently add to Shop" display on main page.
  17. Fixed: didn't realize the Menu were not changing color anymore for a long time (stupid css bug!).