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 Type  Country  Brand  Model        Specs  Voltage Color   Year
AC3 DecoderUSA Parasound P/DD-15002c in/1o in/5.1 outAC 120VBlack 
Sound ProcessorUSA Parasound P/DD-1550DAC/DPL/AC3/DTSAC 120VBlack 
Pre-AmplifierWorld Parasound P7AC 100~240VBlack 2008
Pre-AmplifierWorld Parasound P7AC 100~240VSilver 2008
A/V ComponentJapan NEC PAC-K1AC 100VBlack 1993
A/V ComponentJapan Pioneer PAC-K1AC 100VBlack 1993
A/V ComponentUSA Pioneer PAC-K10AC 120VBlack 1993
A/V ComponentJapan Pioneer PAC-N1AC 100VBlack 1993
A/V ComponentJapan NEC PAC-N1AC 100VBlack 1993
A/V ComponentUSA Pioneer PAC-N10Black 1993
A/V ComponentUSA Pioneer PAC-PC1Black 1993
A/V ComponentJapan Pioneer PAC-PC1AC 100VBlack 1993
A/V ComponentJapan NEC PAC-PC1AC 100VBlack 1993
A/V ComponentJapan Pioneer PAC-S1AC 100VBlack 1993
A/V ComponentJapan NEC PAC-S1AC 100VBlack 1993
A/V ComponentUSA Pioneer PAC-S10Black 1993
A/V ComponentEurope Telefunken PAL Plus DecoderAC 220/240VBlack 1995
DVD PlayerJapan PanasonicPanasonic Q <== PENDING VALIDATIONAC 100VSilver 2001
Pre-AmplifierUSA Proceed PAVAC 100~240VSilver 
Captioning DecoderUSA Link Electronics PCD-85CCDC 12VBeige 
Captioning DecoderUSA Link Electronics PCD-88CCDC 12VBeige 
Laserdisc PlayerJapan NEC PCE-LD1LD/CD/CDV/NTSCAC 100VBlack 1993
Sound ProcessorJapan Sony PCM-501ESAC 100VBlack 1982
CD PlayerJapan Pioneer PD-10CD/SACDAC 100VSilver 
CD PlayerEurope Pioneer PD-30CD/SACD/1c out/1o outAC 220~240VBlack 
CD PlayerJapan Pioneer PD-30CD/SACD/1c out/1o outAC 100VSilver 2012
CD PlayerJapan Pioneer PD-333TCDAC 100VBlack 1989
CD PlayerJapan Pioneer PD-70CD/SACD/DAC/1c in/1o in/1c out/1o outAC 100VSilver 
CD PlayerJapan Pioneer PD-707VCD/CDVAC 100VBlack 1988
CD PlayerJapan Pioneer PD-70AECD/SACD/DAC/1c in/1o in/1c out/1o outAC 100VSilver 2017
CD PlayerJapan Pioneer PD-8070CD/1c out/1o outAC 100VBlack 1987
CD PlayerUSA Pioneer PD-91CD/1c out/1o outAC 120VBlack 
CD PlayerJapan Pioneer PD-D6CD/SACD/1c out/1o outAC 100VGold 
CD PlayerJapan Pioneer PD-D9CD/SACD/1c out/1o outAC 100VGold 
CD PlayerJapan Pioneer PD-F1007CD/1c out/1o outAC 100VGold 1999
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