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 Type  Country  Brand  Model        Specs  Voltage Color   Year
Blu-Ray PlayerUSA Pioneer BDP-05FDAC 120VBlack 2008
Blu-Ray PlayerUSA Pioneer BDP-120AC 120VBlack 2009
Blu-Ray PlayerJapan Pioneer BDP-150AC 100VBlack 
Blu-Ray PlayerJapan Pioneer BDP-160AC 100VBlack 2013
Blu-Ray PlayerJapan Pioneer BDP-3140AC 100VSilver 
Blu-Ray PlayerJapan Pioneer BDP-3140AC 100VBlack 
Blu-Ray PlayerEurope Pioneer BDP-450AC 110~240VBlack 2012
Blu-Ray PlayerUSA Pioneer BDP-94HDAC 100/120VBlack 2007
Blu-Ray PlayerUnited Kingdom Pioneer BDP-LX08AC 220~240VBlack 2008
Blu-Ray PlayerJapan Pioneer BDP-LX58AC 100VBlack 
Blu-Ray PlayerJapan Pioneer BDP-LX71AC 100VBlack 2008
Blu-Ray PlayerJapan Pioneer BDP-LX88AC 100VBlack 
Blu-Ray PlayerJapan Pioneer BDP-LX91AC 100VBlack 2008
Pre-AmplifierJapan Pioneer C-AX10AC 100VGold 2000
A/V ComponentJapan Pioneer CCS-LV1AC 100V
A/V ComponentWorld Pioneer CL-J350
A/V ComponentSingapore Pioneer CL-J35LDAC 110/120/220/240VBlack 
A/V ComponentWorld Pioneer CL-J35LD
A/V ComponentUSA Pioneer CL-J35LDAC 120V
A/V ComponentEurope Pioneer CL-J35LD-V
A/V ComponentWorld Pioneer CL-J35LD-V
A/V ComponentUSA Pioneer CL-J35LD-V
A/V ComponentWorld Pioneer CL-J550
A/V ComponentWorld Pioneer CL-J55LD
A/V ComponentWorld Pioneer CL-J55LD-V
A/V ComponentJapan Pioneer CL-J560AC 100V
A/V ComponentWorld Pioneer CL-J750
A/V ComponentEurope Pioneer CL-J75LD
A/V ComponentWorld Pioneer CL-J75LDAC 110/120/220/240VBlack 
A/V ComponentWorld Pioneer CL-J760
A/V ComponentWorld Pioneer CL-J760V
A/V ComponentJapan Pioneer CL-X70AC 100VBlack 1988
A/V ComponentJapan Pioneer CL-X717AC 100V
A/V ComponentJapan Pioneer CL-X90AC 100VBlack 1988
A/V ComponentJapan Pioneer CL-X919AC 100VGray 
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