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Database found 2198 devices on query:   Browse: [1]  [2]  [3] .. [11] .. [21] .. [63]   [MAX]
 Type  Country  Brand  Model        Specs  Voltage Color   Year
DTS DecoderUSA Millennium 2.4.61c in/1o in/5.1 in/1c out/5.1 outDC 12VSilver 
DTS DecoderUSA Millennium 2.4.61c in/1o in/5.1 in/1c out/5.1 outDC 12VBlack 1997
Laserdisc PlayerUSA Halcyon 200LDLD/NTSC/AnalogBlack 1984
Laserdisc PlayerUSA Philips 22VP931LD/NTSC/Analog
Laserdisc PlayerEurope Philips 22VP932LD/PAL/Analog
Laserdisc PlayerJapan Toshiba 24WL20LD/CD/CDV/NTSCAC 100VBlack 1994
CED PlayerUSA Sears 274.54740150
Laserdisc PlayerRussia PVCb 501LD/PAL/Analog1988
AC3RF DemodulatorEurope Meridian 5191c in/1o in/1c out/1o outAC 220VBlack 
AC3RF DemodulatorUnited Kingdom Meridian 5191c in/1o in/1c out/1o outAC 230~240VBlack 
AC3RF DemodulatorUSA Meridian 5191c in/1o in/1c out/1o outAC 115VBlack 
Sound ProcessorUSA Meridian 566 (20-bit)AC 115VBlack 
Sound ProcessorUSA Meridian 566 (24-bit)AC 115VBlack 
Sound ProcessorJapan Meridian 566 (24-bit)AC 100VBlack 
Laserdisc PlayerUSA NAD 5900LD/CD/NTSCBlack 1984
CED PlayerUSA JC Penney 686-5705
CED PlayerUSA Sears 934.54780150NTSCAC 120VBlack 
CED PlayerUSA Sears 934.54800250
CED PlayerUSA Sears 934.54810350
CED PlayerUSA Sears 934.54811350NTSCAC 120VBeige 
AmplifierJapan Accuphase A-30AC 100VGold 
Laserdisc PlayerEurope Grundig AcustoramaLD/CD/CDV/PALAC 220VBlack 1989
Sound ProcessorJapan Yamaha AD-100AC 100VGold 
Sound ProcessorJapan Victor/JVC AD-7000 AC 100VBlack 1985
AC3 DecoderUSA Harman Kardon ADP-3031c in/1o in/5.1 in/5.1 outAC 120VBlack 
AC3 DecoderEurope Harman Kardon ADP-3031c in/1o in/5.1 in/5.1 outBlack 
A/V ReceiverUSA Teac AG-D9100AC 120VBlack 
Laserdisc PlayerUSA Panasonic AG-LD20LD/CD/CDV/NTSCAC 120VBlack 1997
Laserdisc PlayerUSA Panasonic AG-LD30 LD/CD/CDV/NTSCAC 120VBlack 1995
A/V ComponentJapan Aiwa ALK-1000AC 100V
A/V ComponentJapan Aiwa ALK-1200AC 100V
A/V ComponentJapan Aiwa ALK-700AC 100V
A/V ComponentJapan Sony AMS-3AC 100VGray 
AC3RF DemodulatorAustralia Yamaha APD-11c out/1o outAC 240VBlack 
AC3RF DemodulatorJapan Yamaha APD-11c out/1o outAC 100VBlack 
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