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Database found 13 devices on query:  J*
 Type  Country  Brand  Model        Specs  Voltage Color   Year
A/V ComponentEurope Pioneer J-K600LD
A/V ComponentEurope Pioneer J-V600LD
A/V ComponentJapan Pioneer J700AC 100VBlack 
A/V ComponentJapan Pioneer J720AC 100VBlack 
A/V ComponentJapan Pioneer JA-RF3LDC 5VBlack 
A/V ComponentJapan Pioneer JA-RF5Black 
A/V ComponentJapan PioneerJA-V15IR <== PENDING VALIDATION
Laserdisc PlayerJapan JHC JLD-1800LD/NTSC/AnalogAC 100VBlack 
Captioning DecoderWorld MYCAP Junior CCGray 
A/V ComponentJapan Victor/JVC JX-S150AC 100VBlack 
A/V ComponentJapan Victor/JVC JX-S555AC 100VBlack 
A/V ComponentJapan Victor/JVC JX-S777AC 100VGold 
Video ProcessorJapan Victor/JVC JX-YC2AC 100VBlack 
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