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Database found 171 devices on query:  DV* Browse:  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]  [5]    [MAX]
 Type  Country  Brand  Model        Specs  Voltage Color   Year
VHD PlayerJapan Aiwa DV-101AC 100VBlack 
DVD PlayerJapan Marantz DV-12S2DVD/CD/VCD/SACDAC 100VGold 
DVD PlayerJapan Teac DV-15DVD/CD/SACDAC 100VBlack 2003
DVD PlayerJapan Teac DV-15DVD/CD/SACDAC 100VSilver 2003
DVD PlayerJapan Esoteric DV-30DVD/CDAC 100VSilver 
DVD PlayerJapan Pioneer DV-313DVD/CDAC 100VSilver 
Laserdisc PlayerKorea Samsung DV-430LD/CD/CDV/NTSCAC 110/220VBlack 
Laserdisc PlayerKorea Samsung DV-4500VLD/CD/VCD/CDV/NTSCBlack 
Laserdisc PlayerKorea Samsung DV-4600VLD/CD/VCD/CDV/NTSCBlack 
DVD PlayerUSA Pioneer DV-47aDVD/CD/VCD/SACDAC 120VBlack 2001
DVD PlayerJapan Esoteric DV-50DVD/CD/SACDAC 100VSilver 
Laserdisc PlayerKorea ITV DV-500KLD/CD/CDV/NTSC/PALAC 230VBlack 
Laserdisc PlayerKorea Samsung DV-500KLD/CD/CDV/NTSCAC 110/220VBlack 1992
Laserdisc PlayerWorld Samsung DV-505KLD/CD/CDV/NTSCAC 110/220VBlack 
Laserdisc PlayerKorea Samsung DV-510KGLD/CD/CDV/NTSCAC 110/220VBlack 
DVD PlayerJapan Pioneer DV-515DVD/CD/VCDAC 100VGold 1998
DVD PlayerJapan Pioneer DV-525DVD/CD/VCDAC 100VGold 1999
Laserdisc PlayerWorld Samsung DV-530KLD/CD/CDV/NTSCAC 100/120VBlack 
Laserdisc PlayerEurope Samsung DV-532KVLD/CD/VCD/CDV/NTSCAC 220VBlack 
DVD PlayerWorld Pioneer DV-533DVD/CD/VCDAC 110/127/220/240VGold 
DVD PlayerWorld Pioneer DV-533DVD/CD/VCDAC 110/127/220/240VBlack 2001
DVD PlayerWorld Pioneer DV-533KDVD/CD/VCDAC 110/127/220/240VGold 
Laserdisc PlayerRussia Samsung DV-550KPLD/CD/CDV/NTSC/PALBlack 1994
Laserdisc PlayerUSA Samsung DV-555KLD/CD/CDV/NTSCAC 120VBlack 
DVD PlayerJapan Pioneer DV-600AVDVD/CD/VCD/SACDAC 100VSilver 
DVD PlayerWorld Pioneer DV-600AV-SDVD/CD/VCD/SACDAC 110~240VSilver 
DVD PlayerJapan Pioneer DV-696AVDVD/CD/VCD/SACDAC 100VSilver 
DVD PlayerEurope Pioneer DV-717DVD/CDAC 220~240VBlack 1998
DVD PlayerEurope Pioneer DV-717DVD/CDAC 220~240VGold 1998
DVD PlayerEurope Pioneer DV-757AiDVD/CD/SACDAC 220~240VSilver 2002
DVD PlayerUSA Pioneer DV-79AViDVD/CD/VCD/SACD/HDMIAC 120VBlack 2005
DVD PlayerJapan Pioneer DV-800AVDVD/CD/SACDAC 100VSilver 
Laserdisc PlayerKorea Samsung DV-910WGLD/CD/CDV/NTSCAC 220VBlack 
DVD PlayerUSA OPPO DV-970HDDVD/CD/SACDAC 100~240VSilver 
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