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 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
ID6818IV Weekend At Bernie's (1989)P&S/SRDNTSCUSA 
ID6875HB Voyage Round My Father, A (1984)CancelledNTSCUSA 
ID6810HB Vampire's Kiss (1988)P&S/SRD1989NTSCUSA 
ID6806CS Under The Sun of SatanNTSCUSA
ID6894TU Tuttles of Tahiti (1942)1991-12-31NTSCUSA 
ID6832TP Tom Petty: & The Heartbreakers: A Bunch of Videos and Some Other Stuff: The Music Disc (1989)+CAVNTSCUSA 
ID6886TU Toast of New York (1937)NTSCUSA 
ID6860HB Thief of Bagdad, The (1924)1989NTSCUSA 
ID6893TU They Knew What They WantedNTSCUSA
ID6807HB Tales from the Crypt: vol.1SRD/+CAVNTSCUSA 
ID6834TU Sylvia Scarlett (1935)1989NTSCUSA 
ID6865HB Strong Man, The (1926)+CAV1989NTSCUSA 
ID6835TU Star of Midnight (1935)1989NTSCUSA 
ID6816IV Silent Night, Deadly Night 3: Better Watch Out! (1989)P&SNTSCUSA 
ID6849HB Seize The Day (1986)P&SNTSCUSA 
ID6809HB Scandal (1989)SRD/Uncut1989NTSCUSA 
ID6839CO Romeo & Juliet: UlanovaNTSCUSA
ID6851HB Return of the Living Dead, The (1985)NTSCUSA 
ID6842CO Queen of Spades, The: Bolshoi Opera (1960)NTSCUSA
ID6899TA Portrait of Ireland (1989)NTSCUSA 
ID6870HB Playboy Video Playmate Calendar 1990 (1989)+CAVNTSCUSA
ID6869HB Playboy Video Centerfold: Peggy McIntaggart (1989)NTSCUSA 
ID6881NE Pied Piper of Hamlin, The (1972)CancelledNTSCUSA 
ID6863HB Our Hospitality (1923)1989NTSCUSA 
ID6887TU None But The Lonely Heart (1944)1993-04-29NTSCUSA 
ID6897CS No Regrets For Our YouthNTSCUSA
ID6802CS Nazarin: CinemaDisc Collection (1959)1989NTSCUSA 
ID6884VE National Geographic: Search For Battleship Bismark (1989)NTSCUSA
ID6882NE My Favorite Brunette (1947)+CAV1989NTSCUSA 
ID6841CO Mussorgsky: Boris Godunov: Bolshoi Opera (1954)1989NTSCUSA 
ID6892TU Murder, My Sweet: RKO Classics (1945)1991NTSCUSA 
ID6846HB Mona Lisa (1986)P&SNTSCUSA 
ID6808HB Miss Firecracker (1989)SRD1989NTSCUSA 
ID6883VE Mesmerized (1985)P&SNTSCUSA 
ID6852HB Martin (1977)1990NTSCUSA 
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