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 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
16-014 1941 (1979)P&S/ANA/CAV1980DiscoVisionUSA 
16-014 1941 (1979)P&S/ANA1982DiscoVisionUSA 
GM-131 1980 Buick (1980)ANA/Bilingual/CAV1980DiscoVisionUSA
GM-193 1981 Buick Action Library (1981)ANA/Bilingual/CAV1981DiscoVisionUSA
P11-510 3 Days of the Condor (1975)P&S/ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
GM-234 6.2-Liter V-8 Diesel Engine/1.8/2.2 Liter 4-cylinder diesel engines (1980)CAV1980DiscoVisionUSA
74-006 ABBA (1980)ANA/CAV1980DiscoVisionUSA
22-008 Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA 
72-004 Acrobats of God (1969)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA
D61-506 Adventures of Chip 'n' Dale, The (1959)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
10-010 Airport '77 (1977)P&S/ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA 
16-001 American Graffiti (1973)P&S/ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
16-001 American Graffiti (1973)P&S/ANA1981DiscoVisionUSA 
64-011 Amish, The: A People of Preservation (1975)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA
0901 Andromeda Strain, The (1971)P&S/ANA/CAV1977-03DiscoVisionUSA 
13-001 Andromeda Strain, The (1971)P&S/ANACancelledDiscoVisionUSA 
15-002 Anne of the Thousand Days (1969)P&S/ANA/CAVCancelledDiscoVisionUSA 
64-016 Archeological Dating/The Big Dig (1976)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA
71-003 Art Awareness Collection from The National Gallery of Art (1974)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA
71-001 Art Conservator, The (1971)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA
D61-505 At Home with Donald Duck (1956)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
21-016 Back Street (1932)ANA/CAVCancelledDiscoVisionUSA 
32-005 Basketball with Bill Foster & Gail GoodrichANA/CAVCancelledDiscoVisionUSA
19-007 Battlestar Galactica (1978)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA 
74-008 Bernadette Peters: In Concert (1979)ANA/CAV1980DiscoVisionUSA
32-004 Better Tennis in 30 Minutes (1977)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA
16-011 Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings, The (1976)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
20-001 Bionic Woman, The (1975)ANA/CAV1978-12DiscoVisionUSA 
11-007 Birds, The (1963)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
10-017 Blue Collar (1978)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
16-020 Blues Brothers, The (1980)ANA/CAV1980DiscoVisionUSA 
16-020 Blues Brothers, The (1980)ANA1981DiscoVisionUSA 
73-001 Bolero, The (1972)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA 
W12-516 Bonnie and Clyde (1967)P&S/ANACancelledDiscoVisionUSA 
23-003 Bride of Frankenstein, The (1935)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA 
22-007 Buck Privates (1941)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA 
13-002 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979)ANA1981DiscoVisionUSA 
GM-317 Buick Action Library (1982)ANA/Bilingual/CAV1982DiscoVisionUSA
W12-515 Bullitt (1968)P&S/ANACancelledDiscoVisionUSA 
16-026 Bustin' Loose (1981)P&S/ANA1981DiscoVisionUSA 
GM-230 Cadillac: Service Roundtable Videodisc (1980)ANA/CAV1980DiscoVisionUSA
16-003 Car Wash (1976)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
86-005 Catch It if You Can (Receivers) (1966)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA
87-003 Champions Never Quit (1973)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA
16-021 Cheech and Chong's Next Movie (1980)P&S/ANA1980-11-26DiscoVisionUSA 
GM-185-A Chevrolet Productivity Network: 1981 Corvette Value Story (1981)ANA/Bilingual/CAV1981DiscoVisionUSA
GM-326 Chevrolet Productivity Network: 1983 Chevy Trucks Competitive Comparisons (1983)ANA/CAV1983-06-13DiscoVisionUSA
GM-158/GM-113 Chevrolet Productivity Network: Consumer Relations Administration Part 2/Pro Tech Truck Basic Air Accessory System ServiceDiscoVisionUSA
GM-225 Chevrolet Productivity Network: Diesel Injection Pump/4.3 Liter V-6 Diesel Engine (1982)CAV1982-09-02DiscoVisionUSA
GM-238 Chevrolet Productivity Network: Fuel Injection Systems: Operation and Diagnosis/Service Procedures (1982)ANA/CAV1982DiscoVisionUSA
GM-152 Chevrolet Productivity Network: The New Professionals/How to Use the Video Center in a Selling Presentation (1981)ANA1981-03-20DiscoVisionUSA
12-011 Choirboys, The (1977)ANA/CAV1978-12DiscoVisionUSA 
15-005 Coal Miner's Daughter (1980)ANA/CAV1980-05DiscoVisionUSA 
15-005 Coal Miner's Daughter (1980)ANA1981DiscoVisionUSA 
D-101 Consumer Demonstration Disc (1978)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA
72-003 Cortege of Eagles (1969)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA
D61-507 Coyote's Lament, The (1961)ANA/CAV1979-05-12DiscoVisionUSA 
19-003 Cyborg: The Six Million Dollar Man (1973)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA 
0903 Day of the Jackal, The (1973)P&S/ANA/CAV1977-03DiscoVisionUSA 
11-004 Day of the Jackal, The (1973)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
W10-519 Deliverance (1972)P&S/ANA1980DiscoVisionUSA 
24-002 Destry Rides Again (1939)ANA/CAVCancelledDiscoVisionUSA 
10-006 Diary of a Mad Housewife (1970)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
W12-514 Dirty Harry (1971)P&S/ANACancelledDiscoVisionUSA 
07-504 Discovision Associates: New Dimensions in Communications (1981)ANA/CAV1981DiscoVisionUSA
21-004 Double Indemnity (1944)ANA/CAVCancelledDiscoVisionUSA 
23-001 Dracula (1931)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA 
11-011 Dracula (1979)P&S/ANACancelledDiscoVisionUSA 
19-002 Duel (1971)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
10-002 Earthquake (1974)P&S/ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
W21-515 East of Eden (1954)P&S/ANACancelledDiscoVisionUSA 
64-009 Ecology: Barry Commoner's ViewANA/CAVCancelledDiscoVisionUSA
12-002 Eiger Sanction, The (1975)P&S/ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
10-025 Electric Horseman, The (1979)SQZ/ANA/CAV1980DiscoVisionUSA 
10-025 Electric Horseman, The (1979)P&S/ANA1981-07DiscoVisionUSA 
74-001 Elton John: In Concert at Edinburgh (1977)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA
35-001 Embroidery with Erica: Designing Needlepoint, Geometric NeedlepointANA/CAVCancelledDiscoVisionUSA
35-002 Embroidery with Erica: Satin Stitch, Chains (1971)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA
11-005 Family Plot (1976)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA 
15-004 Fellini's Casanova (1976)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
13-006 Flash Gordon (1980)P&S/ANA1981-03-30DiscoVisionUSA 
74-011 Fleetwood Mac: Documentary and Live Concert (1980)ANA/CAV1981DiscoVisionUSA
16-012 FM (1978)P&S/ANA/CAVCancelledDiscoVisionUSA 
94-002 Forgive and Forget/Thank You, Thank You (1977)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA
16-025 Four Seasons, The (1981)ANA1981DiscoVisionUSA 
22-003 Francis (The Talking Mule) (1950)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA 
23-002 Frankenstein (1931)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA 
11-006 Frenzy (1972)P&S/ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
10-013 From the American Film Theatre: A Delicate Balance (1973)ANA/CAVCancelledDiscoVisionUSA 
10-016 From the American Film Theatre: Luther (1973)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA 
10-015 From the American Film Theatre: The Man in the Glass Booth (1975)ANA/CAVCancelledDiscoVisionUSA 
10-014 From the American Film Theatre: Three Sisters (1970)ANA/CAVCancelledDiscoVisionUSA 
86-006 Gamebreakers (1967)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA
32-001 Gene Littler's Golf (1971)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA
GM-229 GMC Truck & Coach: Fuel Age Technology / Fuel-Efficient Light-Duty Trucks (1982)ANA/CAVDiscoVisionUSA
GM-302 GMC Truck & Coach: 1983 Light-Duty Trucks (1982)ANA/CAVDiscoVisionUSA
P12-518 Godfather, The (1972)P&S/ANA/CAVCancelledDiscoVisionUSA 
P12-519 Godfather, The: Part II (1974)P&S/ANA/CAVCancelledDiscoVisionUSA 
21-017 Going My Way (1944)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA 
12-005 Gray Lady Down (1978)P&S/ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
10-004 Great Waldo Pepper, The (1975)P&S/ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
31-002 Greek Cooking with Theonie: Baklava, Orange SweetsANA/CAVDiscoVisionUSA
31-004 Greek Cooking with Theonie: Cheese Triangles, Egg Lemon SoupANA/CAVCancelledDiscoVisionUSA
31-003 Greek Cooking with Theonie: Moussaka, Baked Spaghetti (1973)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA
31-001 Greek Cooking with Theonie: Spinach Pie, Stuffed Grape Leaves (1972)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA
10-011 Greek Tycoon (1978)P&S/ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA 
D18-507 Greyfriars Bobby (1961)ANA/CAVCancelledDiscoVisionUSA 
92-001 Guide, The (1964)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA
--- Hanna-Barbera CAR-toons (1981)ANA/CAVDiscoVisionUSA
P10-527 Heaven Can Wait (1978)P&S/ANA1980DiscoVisionUSA 
10-012 Heroes (1977)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
14-002 High Plains Drifter (1973)P&S/ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
11-002 Hindenburg, The (1975)P&S/ANA/CAV1980DiscoVisionUSA 
16-006 House Calls (1978)ANA1979DiscoVisionUSA 
21-003 If I Had a Million (1932)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
32-006 If You Can Walk and Listen to the Mountains (1977)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA
86-012 In Pursuit of #1 (1977)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA
23-004 Incredible Shrinking Man, The (1957)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA 
16-023 Incredible Shrinking Woman, The (1981)ANA1981DiscoVisionUSA 
51-008 Jacques Cousteau: A Sound of Dolphins (1972)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
51-011 Jacques Cousteau: Octopus, Octopus (1971)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
51-013 Jacques Cousteau: The Coral Divers of Corsica (1975)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA 
51-007 Jacques Cousteau: The Singing Whale (1970)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
51-006 Jacques Cousteau: The Sleeping Sharks of Yucatan (1975)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA 
51-012 Jacques Cousteau: The Smile of the Walrus (1972)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
51-009 Jacques Cousteau: The Tragedy of the Red Salmon (1970)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA 
51-010 Jacques Cousteau: The Unsinkable Sea Otter (1971)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
51-004 Jane Goodall: Lions of the Serengeti (1976)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA
51-001 Jane Goodall: The Baboons of Gombe (1974)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA
51-003 Jane Goodall: The Hyena Story (1975)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA
51-002 Jane Goodall: The Wild Dogs of Africa (1973)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA
0918 Jaws (1975)P&S/ANA/CAV1977-06DiscoVisionUSA 
12-001 Jaws (1975)P&S/ANA1981DiscoVisionUSA 
12-001 Jaws (1975)P&S/ANA/CAV1978-12-11DiscoVisionUSA 
12-010 Jaws 2 (1978)P&S/ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
16-015 Jerk, The (1979)ANA/CAV1980DiscoVisionUSA 
16-015 Jerk, The (1979)ANA1981DiscoVisionUSA 
17-002 Jesus Christ Superstar (1973)P&S/ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA 
17-002 Jesus Christ Superstar (1973)P&S/ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
14-004 Joe Kidd (1972)P&S/ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
31-006 Julia Child: The French Chef - Boeuf BourguignonANA/CAVCancelledDiscoVisionUSA
31-009 Julia Child: The French Chef - Quiche Lorraine & Co. (1971)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA
31-007 Julia Child: The French Chef - The Omelette Show (1972)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA 
31-008 Julia Child: The French Chef - To Roast a Chicken (1970)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA 
D18-506 Kidnapped (1960)P&S/ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
D61-504 Kids is Kids (1961)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
86-011 Killer Instinct (1977)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA
P10-522 King Kong (1976)P&S/ANA/CAVCancelledDiscoVisionUSA 
07-326 Laserdisc: What it is, How it works (1980)ANA/CAVDiscoVisionUSA
16-017 Last Married Couple in America, The (1980)ANA/CAV1980DiscoVisionUSA 
16-005 Last Remake of Beau Geste, The (1977) P&S/ANA/CAV1979-07-02DiscoVisionUSA 
71-002 Le Corbusier (1970)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA
07-562 Leonard Nimoy Demonstrates the Magnavision Videodisc Player (1981)ANA/CAV1981DiscoVisionUSA 
07-325 Library of Congress: Radiology (1980)ANA/CAVDiscoVisionUSA
92-002 Light Shines in the Darkness, AANA/CAVCancelledDiscoVisionUSA
D18-504 Littlest Outlaws, The (1955)ANA/CAVCancelledDiscoVisionUSA 
21-002 Lives of a Bengal Lancer, The (1935)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
12-008 Lonely Are the Brave (1962)P&S/ANA/CAV1980DiscoVisionUSA 
P10-520 Looking for Mr. Goodbar (1977)P&S/ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
74-004 Loretta (1980)ANA/CAV1980DiscoVisionUSA
21-001 Lost Weekend (1945)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
P10-523 Love Story (1970)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
22-002 Ma and Pa Kettle (1949)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA 
15-003 MacArthur (1977)ANA/CAV1978-12DiscoVisionUSA 
64-012 Magic Moments (1969)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA
86-013 Magic Rolling Board and Skateboard Safety, The (1976)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA
171534-1 Magnavision Service Test Disc1980DiscoVisionUSA
07-395 Magnavox Retail Demo Disc (1980)ANA/CAV1980DiscoVisionUSA
7037 Magnavox Test Disc (1978)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA
93-001 Making of a Torah, The/Portrait of Jewish Marriage, A (1978)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA
86-010 Mammoth Mountain Adventure (1976)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA
0915 Marcus-Nelson Murders, The (1973)ANA/CAV1977-04DiscoVisionUSA 
19-006 Marcus-Nelson Murders, The (1973)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
22-005 Marx Brothers: Animal Crackers (1930)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA 
64-010 Math that Counts (1975)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA
D-103 MCA DiscoVision 1977 Demo (1977)ANA/CAV1977DiscoVisionUSA
D-100 MCA DiscoVision US Demo (1978)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA
74-009 Mel Torme & Della Reese: In Concert (1978)ANA/CAV1981DiscoVisionUSA
10-031 Melvin and Howard (1980)ANA1981DiscoVisionUSA 
12-003 Midway (1976)P&S/ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
W75-501 Mikado, TheANA/CAVCancelledDiscoVisionUSA
D18-510 Miracle of the White Stallions (1963)ANA/CAVCancelledDiscoVisionUSA 
13-003 Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack (1979)ANA1981DiscoVisionUSA 
91-002 Mission to Love: The Call of ConfirmationANA/CAVCancelledDiscoVisionUSA
86-007 Moebius Flip, The (1969)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA
64-013 Money in the Marketplace/Choosing What to Buy (1977)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA
D18-512 Monkey's Uncle, The (1965)ANA/CAVCancelledDiscoVisionUSA 
D18-511 Moon-Spinners, The (1964)ANA/CAVCancelledDiscoVisionUSA 
GM-155 More Excitement for the Dollar/An Owners Guide to New Pontiac Excitement/New Vehicle WarrantiesANA/CAVDiscoVisionUSA
16-007 National Lampoon's Animal House (1978)ANA/CAV1980DiscoVisionUSA 
16-007 National Lampoon's Animal House (1978)ANA1981DiscoVisionUSA 
16-007 National Lampoon's Animal House (1978)ANA1978DiscoVisionUSA 
16-007 National Lampoon's Animal House (1978)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
74-007 Neil Sedaka: In Concert (1976)ANA/CAV1981DiscoVisionUSA
GM-301-A New Corvette, The (1983)DiscoVisionUSA
07-366 New Dimensions in Communications (1980)ANADiscoVisionUSA
12-021 Nighthawks (1981)ANA1981DiscoVisionUSA 
52-002 Nobody's Victim II (1978)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA
16-019 Nude Bomb, The (1980)P&S/ANACancelledDiscoVisionUSA 
W72-507 Nutcracker Suite, TheANA/CAVCancelledDiscoVisionUSA
74-005 Olivia Newton-John: Olivia (1978)ANA/CAV1980DiscoVisionUSA 
D61-503 On Vacation with Mickey Mouse and Friends (1956)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
D18-513 One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band, The (1968)ANA/CAVCancelledDiscoVisionUSA 
01-001 Operating Instructions for the MCA DiscoVision PR-7820 System (1979)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA
10-003 Other Side of the Mountain (1975)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
D18-505 Perri (1957)ANA/CAVCancelledDiscoVisionUSA 
D18-508 Prince and the Pauper, The (1962)ANA/CAVCancelledDiscoVisionUSA 
12-022 Prom Night (1980) P&S/ANA1981DiscoVisionUSA 
11-003 Psycho (1960) ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
11-003 Psycho (1960) ANA1981DiscoVisionUSA 
18-002 Railway Children (1970)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
0910 Railway Children, The (1970)ANA/CAV1977-07DiscoVisionUSA 
W21-514 Rebel Without a Cause (1955)P&S/ANACancelledDiscoVisionUSA 
11-009 Rollercoaster (1977)P&S/ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
31-011 Romagnolis' Table: A Roman Family Dinner (1972)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA
31-012 Romagnolis' Table: Abruzzi Specialties (1974)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA
31-014 Romagnolis' Table: From Florence with LoveANA/CAVCancelledDiscoVisionUSA
31-013 Romagnolis' Table: Made in Milan (1974)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA
14-003 Rooster Cogburn (1975)P&S/ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA 
21-018 Ruggles of Red Gap (1935)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA 
86-003 Runners, The (1972)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA
16-016 Same Time Next Year (1978)P&S/ANACancelledDiscoVisionUSA 
P10-521 Saturday Night Fever (1977)ANA/CAV1979-01DiscoVisionUSA 
07-498 Sears 1981 Summer Tele-Shop Catalog (1980)ANA/CAV1981DiscoVisionUSA
07-543 Sears 1981 Summer Tele-Shop Catalog (1981)ANA/CAV1981DiscoVisionUSA
20-002 Secret of Bigfoot, The (1976)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA 
10-024 Seduction of Joe Tynan, The (1979)P&S/ANACancelledDiscoVisionUSA 
86-014 Sentinel: The West Face (1968)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA
72-005 Seraphic Dialog (1969)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA
11-008 Seven-Per-Cent Solution, The (1976)ANA/CAV1979-01DiscoVisionUSA 
17-004 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1978)P&S/ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
14-001 Shenandoah (1965)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
12-023 Shogun Assassin (1980)P&S/ANA1981DiscoVisionUSA 
64-008 Silent Safari (1971)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA
86-008 Ski Racer (1969)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA
16-004 Slap Shot (1977)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA 
10-007 Slaughterhouse-Five (1972)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
18-001 Slipper and the Rose, The (1976)P&S/ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA 
12-004 Smokey and the Bandit (1977)ANA1981DiscoVisionUSA 
12-004 Smokey and the Bandit (1977)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA 
12-012 Smokey and the Bandit II (1980)P&S/ANA/CAV1980DiscoVisionUSA 
12-012 Smokey and the Bandit II (1980)P&S/ANA1981DiscoVisionUSA 
52-003 Smoking: How to Stop (1977)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA
64-002 Solar System, The/The Universe: Beyond the Solar System (1978)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA
GM-222 Something Extra: Options and Accessories (1980)ANA/Bilingual/CAV1980DiscoVisionUSA
11-001 Sting, The (1973)ANA/CAV1978DiscoVisionUSA 
11-001 Sting, The (1973)ANA1981DiscoVisionUSA 
12-006 Sugarland Express, The (1974)P&S/ANA/CAVCancelledDiscoVisionUSA 
W72-506 Swan LakeANA/CAVCancelledDiscoVisionUSA
0914 Sweet Charity (1969)P&S/ANA/CAV1977-07DiscoVisionUSA 
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