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Added on: 06/04/2019
Latest update: 21/01/2024

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Laserdisc Player

Pioneer DVL-909 (1998)                       

Country  Japan
Color   (Gold)
Market  Consumer
Price  128000 JPY
Barcode/UPC   ???
Voltage   AC 100V, 50/60 Hz
Power   ??? W
Weight  ??? kg
Dimensions  ??? (W) x  ??? (H) x  ??? (D) mm
Remote Control [CU-DV027]


Compatible with NTSC LDs
Compatible with CAV LDs
Compatible with CLV LDs
Compatible with 12"/30cm LDs
Compatible with 8"/20cm LDs (2-sided)
Compatible with 8"/20cm LDSingle (1-sided)
Can expand CX-encoded analog soundtracks
Can play Digital Audio soundtracks

Laser wavelength = 780nm

Types of playable discs and their symbolsDiameter | Playable sides
12 cm (5 in.) | single-sided 1 or 2 layers
12 cm (5 in.) | double-sided 1 or 2 layers
8 cm (3 in.) | single-sided 1 or 2 layers
8 cm (3 in.) | double-sided 1 or 2 layers
12 cm (5 in.) | single-sided
8 cm (3 in.) | single-sided
12 cm (5 in.) single-sided
8 cm (3 in.) | single-sided
12 cm (5 in.) | single-sided
30 cm (12 in.) CAV | double-sided
30 cm (12 in.) CLV | double-sided
20 cm (8 in.) CAV | double-sided
20 cm (8 in.) CLV | double-sided
20 cm (8 in.) LD Single CAV | single-sided
20 cm (8 in.) LD Single CLV | single-sided


Player has a dedicated CD tray (this only applies to LD Players dual trays)


Compatible with NTSC CDV or VSD


Compatible with NTSC DVD

Region Lock This Player is locked by default to Region 2


Compatible with NTSC VCD


CD+G: Device can extract CD Graphics
LD-G: Device can extract LD Graphics


   IR/Control (Infrared) IN x 1
   IR/Control (Infrared) OUT x 1


    RCA Stereo (L/R) x 2
    Coaxial Digital Audio x 2
   Optical/TOSLINK Digital Audio x 1
   AC3RF coaxial output x 1

Internal DAC for Stereo => PD2029A (Pioneer)
Digital Audio Processing => Hi-bit Legato Link (Pioneer)


    Composite signal x 2
    S-Video (sometimes called mini-DIN) x 2
   Y/Cb/Cr component x 1