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 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
VC 5051 Love Letters (1983)MONONTSCUSA 
VC 5072 Flamingo Kid, The (1984)MONONTSCUSA 
VC5000 Go Tell the Spartans (1978)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
VC5001 Private Eyes, The (1980)MONONTSCUSA 
VC5002 Between the Lines (1977)MONO1982NTSCUSA 
VC5004 Last Chase, The (1981)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
VC5007 Silent Partner, The (1978)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
VC5009 High Country, The (1981)MONONTSCUSA
VC5010 Separate Ways (1981)MONONTSCUSA 
VC5014 If You Could See What I Hear (1982)MONONTSCUSA 
VC5021 National Lampoon's Class Reunion (1982)SRD1983NTSCUSA 
VC5022 Class of 1984 (1982)MONO1983NTSCUSA 
VC5023 Terry Fox Story, TheMONONTSCUSA
VC5025 Mr. Mom (1983)MONONTSCUSA 
VC5034 Amityville 3-D (1983)P&S/SRD1984NTSCUSA 
VC5036 Scandalous (1984)MONONTSCUSA 
VC5037 Harry & Son (1984)MONO1984NTSCUSA 
VC5039 Wind in the Willows, The (1983)MONO1985NTSCUSA 
VC5040 Blame it on Rio (1984)P&S/MONO1984NTSCUSA 
VC5041 Broadway Danny Rose (1984)P&S/MONO1984NTSCUSA 
VC5042 Hotel New Hampshire, The (1984)SRD1984NTSCUSA 
VC5044 Bounty, The (1984)P&S/SRD1984NTSCUSA 
VC5045 Weekend Pass (1984)P&S/MONO1984NTSCUSA 
VC5046 Killpoint (1984)P&S/MONO1985NTSCUSA 
VC5047 Beat Street (1984)SRD1984NTSCUSA 
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