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Database found 30 titles on query:  PA-90-3* Browse:  [1]  [2]    [MAX]
 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
PA-90-300 Best of the Fest: New Orleans Selection (1989)1990-09-15NTSCUSA
PA-90-301 Aerosmith: Things That Go Pump in the Night (1990)1990-09-05NTSCUSA 
PA-90-302 Handel: Julius Caesar: Mackerras/Janet Baker: English National Opera (1984)NTSCUSA 
PA-90-303 Trumpet Kings: Hosted by Wynton Marsalis (1985)NTSCUSA
PA-90-304 Mozart: Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail: Royal Opera: Solti (1990)NTSCUSA 
PA-90-305 Cinderella: Paris National Opera Ballet: NVC (1987)1990-10-30NTSCUSA
PA-90-306 Nat King Cole: Unforgettable1990-10-15NTSCUSA
PA-90-308 Robert Palmer: Super NovaCancelledNTSCUSA
PA-90-309 Red Hot Chili Peppers: OctopusCancelledNTSCUSA
PA-90-310 Portrait of Georg Solti: A Profile of The Conductor (1987)NTSCUSA
PA-90-311 Expose: Video Exposure (1990)1990-11-30NTSCUSA 
PA-90-312 Eurythmics: We Two Are One Too (1989)CancelledNTSCUSA 
PA-90-313 Carly Simon: My Romance (1990)1990-12-30NTSCUSA
PA-90-314 The Church: Goldfish (Jokes, Magic & Souvenirs) (1990)1990-12-30NTSCUSA
PA-90-315 Duran Duran: Decade (1989)1990-11-15NTSCUSA 
PA-90-316 Vivaldi: Four Seasons: Nigel Kennedy1990-11-05NTSCUSA
PA-90-317 Stravinsky: Pulcinella (1979)1990-11-15NTSCUSA
PA-90-323 GRP: The Video Collection (1990)1990-12-05NTSCUSA
PA-90-325 Madonna: Blond Ambition World Tour Live (1990)SRD1990-12-13NTSCUSA 
PA-90-327 Lita Ford: Midnight Snack (1990)1990-11-30NTSCUSA
PA-90-328 Bruce Hornsby: & the Range: A Night on the Town1995-06-09NTSCUSA
PA-90-329 Samantha Fox: The Music Video Collection (1989)1991-01-30NTSCUSA 
PA-90-330 Soundies: Music Video From the 40's: vol.11990-12-15NTSCUSA
PA-90-332 En Vogue: Born To Sing (1990)1991-01-15NTSCUSA
PA-90-337 Ice-T: Vanilla Ice8"CancelledNTSCUSA
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