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Database found 18 titles on query:  NV*
 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
NV-002 101 Dalmatians (1961)NTSCTaiwan 
NV-0021 RoboCop: The Series - The Future of Law Enforcement (1994)SRDNTSCTaiwan
NV-0022 Cobra (1993)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
NV-0023 Cybernator (1991)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
NV-0024 Underground (1991)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
NV-0025 Red Shoe Diaries #4: Auto EroticaSRDNTSCTaiwan 
NV-0026 Body Parts (1991)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
NV-0029 Robocop: The Series: Prime Suspect/Trouble in Delta City (1994)SRDNTSCTaiwan 
NV-0054 Exit in Red (1996)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
NV-0055 All Tied Up (1993)SRDNTSCTaiwan 
NV-006 To Die, to Sleep (Mortal Danger) (1994)SRDNTSCTaiwan 
NVM-001 Like and Love (Komatsu Midori no suki bokuro) (1985)1985-10-15NTSCJapan 
NVM-002 Candy Doll: Kazumi Kawai (Sera-fuku shikijo shiiku) (1982)1985-10-15NTSCJapan 
NVM-003 Meneko (1983)1985-12-15NTSCJapan 
NVM-98001 David Bowie: Serious Moonlight Concert (1983)NTSCJapan 
NVM-98002 Pat Benatar: In Concert - New Haven Veterans Memorial Coliseum 1982 (1982)STEREONTSCJapan 
NVS-98001 On Any Sunday II (1981)MONO1984NTSCJapan 
NVS-98002 How Zit Bradda!1984-07-10NTSCJapan
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