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 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
LILD0001 Mask of Murder (1985)P&S1990NTSCHong Kong 
LILD0003 Bad Trip (1988)1990-09NTSCHong Kong 
LILD0004 Action U.S.A. (1988)P&S1990NTSCHong Kong 
LILD0005 Night Wars (1988)1990-10NTSCHong Kong 
LILD0006 Click: The Calendar Girl Killer (1990)P&S1990NTSCHong Kong 
LILD0007 Deadly Embrace (1989)P&S1990-10NTSCHong Kong 
LILD0008 Time Burst: The Final Alliance (1989)P&S1990NTSCHong Kong 
LILD0009 Final Cut (1989)P&S1990-11NTSCHong Kong 
LILD0010 Murder Weapon (1989)P&S1990-11-01NTSCHong Kong 
LILD0011 Hot Target (1985)P&S1990NTSCHong Kong 
LILD0012 Bounty Hunter, The (1990)P&S1990-12NTSCHong Kong 
LILD0013 Chase (1988)P&S1990-11NTSCHong Kong 
LILD0014 Edge of Innocence (1988)P&S1991NTSCHong Kong 
LILD0015 Death Force (1989)P&S1991-02NTSCHong Kong 
LILD0016 Impact (1990)P&S1991NTSCHong Kong 
LILD0017 Murder Run (Stark Raving Mad) (1983)P&S1991NTSCHong Kong 
LILD0018 Violence in a Women's Prison (Violenza in un carcere femminile) (1982)P&S1991NTSCHong Kong 
LILD0019 Future Zone (Future Force 2) (1990)1990-11NTSCHong Kong 
LILD0020 Dark Side of Love, The (1985)P&S1991-01NTSCHong Kong 
LILD0021 Murder Rock (Dancing Death) (1984)P&S1991NTSCHong Kong 
LILD0022 Capone Behind Bars (1989)1990-12NTSCHong Kong 
LILD0023 Revenger, The (1990)1990-12NTSCHong Kong 
LILD0024 Sweet Little BabyP&S1991NTSCHong Kong
LILD0025 Madame (Nudo E Arrivata La Straniero)P&S1991-02NTSCHong Kong
LILD0026 Lustful Mind, A (Lussuria) (1986)P&S1991-02NTSCHong Kong 
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