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Database found 9 titles on query:  ID227*
 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
ID2270AC Voyager (1991)SRD1993-05-12NTSCUSA 
ID2272PL Playboy Art of Sensual Massage1993-03-12NTSCUSA
ID2273MT Moodtapes: Whispering Waters (1992)SRD1993-09-15NTSCUSA 
ID2274MS Bobby Brown: Humpin' Around (1992)8"1993-03-31NTSCUSA
ID2275MS Spinal Tap: Break Like the Wind - The Videos8"1993-03-31NTSCUSA
ID2276MS Glenn Frey: Strange Weather: Live in Dublin (1992)1993-03-31NTSCUSA
ID2277MS B.B. King: Live at the Apollo (1990)1993-05-12NTSCUSA
ID2278MS Vince Gill: I Still Believe In You (1992)CAV1993-04-07NTSCUSA
ID2279MA Giants of Jazz: Benny Carter1997-12-17NTSCUSA
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