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 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
GU-A102 Eight Thousand Miles Clouds & Moon: vol.02 MongoliaNTSCTaiwan
GU-A104 Eight Thousand Miles Clouds & Moon: vol.04 LiaoningANANTSCTaiwan
GU-A105 Eight Thousand Miles Clouds & Moon: vol.05 Hei-Lung-KiangNTSCTaiwan
GU-A106 Eight Thousand Miles Clouds & Moon: vol.06 ShandongNTSCTaiwan
GU-A108 Eight Thousand Miles Clouds & Moon: vol.08 GansuitNTSCTaiwan
GU-A110 Eight Thousand Miles Clouds & Moon: vol.10 YunnanNTSCTaiwan
GU-A111 Eight Thousand Miles Clouds & Moon: vol.11 FujianNTSCTaiwan
GU-A113 Eight Thousand Miles Clouds & Moon: vol.13 ZhejiangNTSCTaiwan
GU-A117 Eight Thousand Miles Clouds & Moon: vol.17 ShensiNTSCTaiwan
GU-A118 Eight Thousand Miles Clouds & Moon: vol.18 HopeiNTSCTaiwan
GU-A123 Eight Thousand Miles Clouds & Moon: vol.23 HenanNTSCTaiwan
GU-B104 Secrets & Mysteries: The Hindenburg/Amelia EarhartBilingual/CAVNTSCTaiwan 
GU-B105 Secrets & Mysteries: Hollywood Hauntings/PoltergeistsBilingual/CAVNTSCTaiwan 
GU-B106 Secrets & Mysteries: Ninja/Life After Death (1987)Bilingual/CAVNTSCTaiwan 
GU-B108 Secrets & Mysteries: Pearl Harbor/Mystic HitlerBilingual/CAVNTSCTaiwan 
GU-D101~3 Earth-Universe-UFOBilingualNTSCTaiwan
GU-G101 Greatest Love Song: vol.1NTSCTaiwan
GU-G102 Greatest Love Song: vol.2NTSCTaiwan
GU-G103 Greatest Love Song: vol.3NTSCTaiwan
GU-G104 Greatest Love Song: vol.4NTSCTaiwan
GU-G105 Greatest Love Song: vol.5NTSCTaiwan
GU-G106 Greatest Love Song: vol.6NTSCTaiwan
GU-G107 Greatest Love Song: vol.7NTSCTaiwan
GU-G108 Greatest Love Song: vol.8NTSCTaiwan
GU-G109 Greatest Love Song: vol.9NTSCTaiwan
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