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Database found 32 titles on query:  AVIV-0*
 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
AVIV-0031 Sleeping Beauties1994-01-04NTSCUSA
AVIV-0032 Bonnie & Clyde1994-01-04NTSCUSA
AVIV-0033 Sex1994-01-04NTSCUSA
AVIV-0034 Mask1994-01-04NTSCUSA
AVIV-0035 Things Change: Letting Go1994-01-04NTSCUSA
AVIV-0036 Phoenix (1993)1994-01-04NTSCUSA
AVIV-0037 Blonde JusticeNTSCUSA
AVIV-0038 Blind SpotNTSCUSA
AVIV-0039 Parlor GamesNTSCUSA
AVIV-0040 Ice Woman (1993)NTSCUSA
AVIV-0041 Justine: Nothing To Hide 2 (1994)NTSCUSA
AVIV-0042 Anonymous (1993)1994NTSCUSA
AVIV-0043 Coven 2, The (1993)1994NTSCUSA 
AVIV-0044 Bonnie & Clyde 3 (1994)NTSCUSA
AVIV-0045 American BlondeNTSCUSA
AVIV-0046 Steamy Windows (1993)1994NTSCUSA 
AVIV-0048 Oral Obsession1995-02-17NTSCUSA
AVIV-0049 Night Train1995-02-17NTSCUSA
AVIV-0050 Hardcore (1994)1995-04-24NTSCUSA
AVIV-0051 Bonnie & Clyde 41995-04-24NTSCUSA
AVIV-0052 Supermodel (1994)1994NTSCUSA 
AVIV-0053 Suite 18NTSCUSA
AVIV-0054 Immortal Desires (1993)NTSCUSA
AVIV-0055 Masseuse 2, The (1995)NTSCUSA
AVIV-0057 Sexual Healing (1994)NTSCUSA
AVIV-0058 Nurse TailsNTSCUSA
AVIV-0059 Foolproof (1994)NTSCUSA
AVIV-0060 Forever YoungNTSCUSA
AVIV-0061 TroublemakerNTSCUSA
AVIV-0062 Player, The (1995)NTSCUSA
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