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Database found 75 titles on query:  Laserdiscs contributed by janellelanuzo Browse:  [1]  [2]  [3]    [MAX]
 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
ST-001P Beauties Around the World: vol.1 Laser Karaoke Disc - Philippine SongNTSCUSA
ST-002P Beauties Around the World: vol.2 Laser Karaoke Disc - Philippine SongNTSCUSA
ST-003P Beauties Around the World: vol.3 Laser Karaoke Disc - Philippine SongNTSCUSA
ST-005P Beauties Around the World: vol.5 Laser Karaoke Disc - Philippine SongNTSCUSA
ST-006P Beauties Around the World: vol.6 Laser Karaoke Disc - Philippine SongNTSCUSA
MDK-903 Christmas & CelebrationsNTSCTaiwan
DEK-001 Dynasty English Video Karaoke: vol.1NTSCTaiwan
DEK-004 Dynasty English Video Karaoke: vol.4NTSCTaiwan
DEK-005 Dynasty English Video Karaoke: vol.5NTSCTaiwan
DEK-006 Dynasty English Video Karaoke: vol.6NTSCTaiwan
HLD-1004 Everlasting Love Song: vol. 4NTSCTaiwan
HLD-1006 Everlasting Love Song: vol. 6NTSCTaiwan
MDK-904Global Movie Award Winners <== TITLE PENDING VALIDATIONNTSCTaiwan
LDCF-1902 Golden English Karaoke: vol.2 (1992)1992NTSCHong Kong
MDK-902 Grammy Award Winners 1964-1994 Song of the Year (1997)1997NTSCTaiwan
GU-G110 Greatest Love Song: vol.10NTSCTaiwan
GU-G109 Greatest Love Song: vol.9NTSCTaiwan
DEK-009 Jack Jones & Perry Como Video KaraokeNTSCTaiwan
LAV 8007 Karaoke 30 8007 (1990)1990NTSCHong Kong
LAV 8010 Karaoke 30 8010 (1990)1990NTSCHong Kong
LAV 8013 Karaoke 30 8013 (1990)1990NTSCHong Kong
MHD-010 MHD Musical Love Story 10NTSCTaiwan
MHD-002 MHD Musical Love Story 2NTSCTaiwan
MHD-003 MHD Musical Love Story 3NTSCTaiwan
MHD-004 MHD Musical Love Story 4NTSCTaiwan
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