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 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
PILF-2856 American Beauty (1999)LBX/SRD2000-10-27NTSCJapan 
ID5912DW Amistad (1997)LBX/AC3/THX1999-08-17NTSCUSA 
PILF-2775 Amistad (1997)LBX/AC31999-10-22NTSCJapan 
13141 Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004)2007-11-271080pUSA 
ID5915DW Antz (1998)LBX/AC3/+CAV1999-08-10NTSCUSA 
PILA-3033 Antz (1998)LBX/AC31999-10-22NTSCJapan 
--- Bee Movie (2007)Cancelled1080pUSA 
91744 BikerBoyZ (2003)PCM/AC3/DTS2004-06-291080iUSA 
NO1129799 Blades of Glory (2007)1080pNorway 
91674 Contender, The (2000)PCM/AC3/DTS2004-03-231080iUSA 
12441 Disturbia (2007)2007-08-071080pUSA 
AUPHD3537 Disturbia (2007)1080pAustralia 
HSL 1029 Disturbia (2007)20071080pUnited Kingdom 
12357 Dreamgirls (2006)2007-05-011080pUSA 
HSP 1015 Dreamgirls (2006)20071080pUnited Kingdom 
90621 Evolution (2001)PCM/AC32004-06-241080iUSA 
12353 Flags of Our Fathers (2006)2007-05-221080pUSA 
91665 Forces of Nature (1999)PCM/AC3/DTS2004-03-231080iUSA 
ID5918DW Forces of Nature (1999)LBX/AC31999-11-02NTSCUSA 
PILF-2813 Forces of Nature (1999)LBX/AC32000-01-28NTSCJapan 
PLFFB 37941 Fourmiz (1998)LBX/SRD1999-08-24PALFrance 
90102 Galaxy Quest (1999)PCM/AC3/DTS2002-08-201080iUSA 
90103 Haunting, The (1999)PCM/AC32002-09-241080iUSA 
ID9219DW Haunting, The (1999)LBX/AC31999-12-28NTSCUSA 
PILF-2826 Haunting, The (1999)LBX/AC32000-04-25NTSCJapan 
13171 Heartbreak Kid, The (2007)2007-12-261080pUSA 
AUPHD3565 Heartbreak Kid, The (2007)20081080pAustralia 
NO1132529 Heartbreak Kid, The (2007)1080pNorway 
91745 Last Castle, The (2001)PCM/AC3/DTS2004-06-291080iUSA 
ID5911DW Mouse Hunt (1997)LBX/AC31999-08-03NTSCUSA 
PILF-2772 Mouse Hunt (1997)LBX/AC31999-10-22NTSCJapan 
12457 Norbit (2007)2007-06-051080pUSA 
HSL 1022 Norbit (2007)20071080pUnited Kingdom 
13143 Old School (2003)2007-11-271080pUSA 
ID5913DW Paulie (1998)LBX/AC31999-08-03NTSCUSA 
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