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 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
ID8367HA Addams Family Cartoon Adventures #21992-05-08NTSCUSA 
ID8366HA Addams Family Cartoon Adventures Volume 1 (1973)1992-05-21NTSCUSA 
S015 Adventures of Chip 'n' Dale, TheBilingualNTSCHong Kong
VHP78257 Adventures Of Chip 'n' Dale, TheNTSCJapan
D61-506 Adventures of Chip 'n' Dale, The (1959)ANA/CAV1979DiscoVisionUSA 
LVMC0148 Adventures of Droopy: vol.1ANA1988NTSCHong Kong
ID4014HL Adventures of Mouse & Mole/Tales of the Tooth FairiesCancelledNTSCUSA
30983 Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers (1986)ANA1989NTSCUSA 
ID3398OR Alakazam the Great (1961)LBX1996-03-13NTSCUSA 
SF078-1039 All Star Cartoon ReviewANA1986-03-25NTSCJapan
ML102484 All This and Tex Avery Too! (1992)1992-03-18NTSCUSA
ID8638BF Amazing Spider-Man: Dr. Doom/Curiosity (1981)1992-08-13NTSCUSA 
ID6613HA Animal Follies: Hanna Barbera Personal Favorites (1957)1989NTSCUSA 
LVD9373 Animated Christmas: National Film Board of Canada (1993)CAV1993-12-22NTSCUSA
LVD9348 Animation for Kids: vol.1 Cartoon CrittersCAV1993-12-22NTSCUSA
AT07P Archie T.V. Funnies (1972)ANA/CAV1983PALNetherlands 
AT02P Archie T.V. Funnies #2 (1972)ANA/CAV1983PALNetherlands 
AT03P Archie T.V. Funnies #3 (1972)ANA/CAV1983PALNetherlands 
AT06P Archie T.V. Funnies #6 (1972)ANA/CAV1983PALNetherlands 
AT05P Archie T.V. Funnies: Air circus (1972)CAV1983PALNetherlands 
AT11P Archie T.V. Funnies: Edge of the night (1972)CAV1983PALNetherlands 
AT01P Archie T.V. Funnies: Escaped hippo (1972)CAV1983PALNetherlands 
AT14P Archie T.V. Funnies: Moms chiken sickle stand (1972)CAV1983PALNetherlands 
AT09P Archie T.V. Funnies: Mount riverdale (1972)CAV1983PALNetherlands 
AT15P Archie T.V. Funnies: Our town, Riverdale (1972)CAV1983PALNetherlands 
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