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Added by cplusplus (13)

Added on: 06/04/2019
Latest update: 25/05/2024

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Laserdisc Player

Pioneer LD-V8000 (1989)       

Country  USA
Color   (Black)
Market  Professional
Price  2395 USD
Barcode/UPC   ???
Voltage   AC 120V, 50/60 Hz
Power   100 W
Weight  14.7 kg
Dimensions  420 (W) x  140 (H) x  453 (D) mm
Rackable  2 RUs
Remote Control [CU-V103]
Remote Control [CU-V113]


Compatible with NTSC LDs
Compatible with CAV LDs
Compatible with CLV LDs
Compatible with 12"/30cm LDs
Compatible with 8"/20cm LDs (2-sided)
Compatible with 8"/20cm LDSingle (1-sided)
Can read LD-ROM
Level II - Programmable Memory
Level III - External Computer Interface
LaserBarcode (LB)
LaserBarcode 2 (LB2)
Field Memory: Pause on CLV discs will keep half a frame (one field) on display
Frame Memory: Pause on CLV discs will keep a full frame on display
Can expand CX-encoded analog soundtracks
Can play Digital Audio soundtracks

Types of playable discs and their symbolsDiameter | Playable sides
30 cm (12 in.) CAV | double-sided
30 cm (12 in.) CLV | double-sided
20 cm (8 in.) CAV | double-sided
20 cm (8 in.) CLV | double-sided
20 cm (8 in.) LD Single CAV | single-sided
20 cm (8 in.) LD Single CLV | single-sided


   DB15 connector, serial port x 1
   IR/Control (Infrared) IN x 1


    External Sync x 2


    RCA Stereo (L/R) x 2
   DIN5, EFM OUT usually used to decode Digital Audio externally x 1

Internal DAC for Stereo => LC7881 (Sanyo)


    Composite signal x 2
   SYNC x 1

 Additional Information by admin (422)   23/01/2022 - Last update: 21/01/2023 

This model is equivalent to the Japan Pioneer LD-V800, however BNC video connectors were replaced with RCA.

Most players seem to be carrying the "EFM Out" DIN5 extension module (or no module at all) but a few had this module replaced with an AC3RF Out DIN7.