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 # Artist/Group # Artist/Group
5T. Rex3T.UTU with The Band
2Taeko Nishino2Taeko Onuki
1Taj Mahal1Taka Iimura/Toshiyuki Honda
10Takako Okamura6Takako Shirai
1Takao Horiuchi3Takao Kisugi
1Takao Kisugi with Paul Mauriat1Takashi Hosokawa
1Takashi Utsunomiya1Take 6
3Take That1Takeshi 'T.K.' Ito
3Takeshi Kusao9Takuro Yoshida
1Talk Talk6Talking Heads
1Tama1Tamio Okuda
2Tammy Wynette1Tang Dynasty
4Tangerine Dream1Tania Maria
1Tanya Tucker1Tapestry Revisited
1Tatsuo Kamon2Taylor Dayne
29Tears For Fears1Ted Hawkins
3Temptations3Ten Years After
5Terence Trent D'Arby5Teresa Teng
2Terumasa Hino3Tesla
1Test Dept.3Tetsuya Watari
1Texas1The 3 Tenors
22The Alfee1The Almighty
1The Animals10The Band
1The Bazykina Twins4The Beach Boys
10The Beatles7The Bee Gees
1The Big Band10The Blue Hearts
1The Blues Brothers1The Blues Brothers Band
5The Boom1The Boomtown Rats
1The Border1The Brecker Brothers
8The Cars2The Checkers
4The Chieftains1The Christians
1The Church2The Communards
2The Cranberries3The Crusaders
1The Cult23The Cure
2The Damned1The Dirt Band
8The Doobie Brothers15The Doors
2The Durutti Column2The Farm
2The Fuse6The Gadd Gang
3The Good-Bye1The Highwaymen
1The Hollies1The Icicle Works
6The Jam2The Jeremy Days
1The Jesus And Mary Chain1The Jewellers
1The Jimi Hendrix Experience4The Kinks
1The Lettermen1The Manhattan Transfer
5The Mission8The Modern Jazz Quartet
6The Mods1The Monkees
12The Moody Blues2The Motels
1The Nylons1The Other Ones
1The Platters19The Police
4The Privates1The Rascals
1The Residents1The Righteous Brothers
30The Rolling Stones1The Shadows
1The Sisters of Mercy6The Square
1The Stone Roses5The Stranglers
24The Style Council1The Swingle Singers
3The The1The Timelords
1The Timers6The Tubes
8The Ventures1The Weavers
17The Who1The Wonder Stuff
3The Yellow Monkey12Thelonious Monk
1They Might Be Giants4Thin Lizzy
3This is Garth Brooks5Thomas Dolby
1Thomas Voigt4Thompson Twins
3Three Dog Night1Three Tenors in Concert, The
1Till Brönner1Time Capsule 60's
1Time Machine1Tin Machine
37Tina Turner1TLC
1TM Network2TMN
5Todd Rundgren1Tokiko Kato
1Tokyo Music Joy1Tokyo Music Joy '88
7Tokyo Performance Doll1Tokyo Shonen
2Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra2Tom Jones
9Tom Petty1Tommy Boy
4Tomo Sakurai1Tomoko 51 Km
2Tomoko Tane4Tomomi Nishimura
7Tomoyasu Hotei5Tomoyo Harada
1Toni Childs7Tony Bennett
3Tony Williams1Tony! Toni! Tone!
1Toots Thielemans1Toots Thielmans
2Top Black Music1Tops
1Toshi1Toshihiko Tahara
1Toshiko Akiyoshi6Toshinobu Kubota
1Toshinobu Kubota & Mother Earth1Toshinori Kondo
1Toshinori Yonekura2Toshiro Yanagiba
2Traffic1Transvision Vamp
2Travis Tritt4TRF
1Tribute to Duke Ellington1Tribute to Led Zeppelin
1Trisha Yearwood1Trumpet Kings
1Trumpet Workshop10Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi
1Tunnels1Twilight Kids
2Twisted Sister1Two Rooms
1Tylor the Irresponsible Captain1Typhoon Checkers
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