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Work in Progress - Catalog
Shops Covers Added Updated Sold
 Psycho  [43105]
   $40.00 [NTSC/LBX/+CAV/THX]
 Cactus Flower  [VLD 3011]
   $8.99 [NTSC]
 Ten Commandments, The  [SF108-0085]
   $23.00 [NTSC/ANA]
 Warrant: Cherry Pie - Quality You Can Taste  [SRLM 805]
   $199.00 [NTSC]
 Christopher Columbus  [ID3615HL]
   $9.98 [NTSC]
 Prince and the Showgirl, The  [11154]
   $9.98 [NTSC]
 Black Pirate, The: Special Edition  [ID3543KN]
   $9.98 [NTSC]
 Midway  [12003]
   $8.98 [NTSC/LBX/+CAV]
 Platoon: Special Edition  [PSE95-59WS]
   $9.98 [NTSC/LBX/SRD/+CAV/THX]
 She  [ID3148KN]
   $7.98 [NTSC]
 Still of the Night  [4711-80]
   $4.98 [NTSC/P&S/ANA]
(Last update: 2022-08-11)   [see Last 100]

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To add the proper display of MULTI AUDIO soundtrack information, be careful that Digital Tracks will be split in Left and Right. For more details on Laserdisc soundtracks technical aspect, visit this dedicated HELP section.

Since the official sample copies have different labels and unremovable stickers, let's flag titles that had promotional/sampler copies!

If you have, you are, or you are considering taking photos of missing covers to be added to the database, make sure to take a look at this quick tutorial on how to make adjustements and enhancements for the better! (Windows only)

Adobe Flash is dead... Long live iCover 2.0! Faster, lighter and multi-format. Will be our covers browser from now on.

Work in Progress - Hardware
Gallery Added Updated
 Sanyo LV-PK30 (Laserdisc Player) Japan
 Sony CDP-555ESJ (CD Player) Japan, 1992
 McIntosh C45 (Pre-Amplifier) Japan, 2007
 Pioneer VSX-07TX (A/V Receiver) USA, 1998
 Pioneer LK-V38 (Laserdisc Player) Japan, 1990
 Pioneer CLD-LK60 (A/V Component) Japan
 Pioneer VSA-E08 (A/V Receiver) World
 Pioneer VSA-E07 (A/V Receiver) World
 Pioneer DA-V15 (Sound Processor) Japan
 Sony HDL-2000 (HDVS) (Laserdisc Player) USA, 1989
(Last update: 2022-08-08)
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