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Administrating can be a lot of fun - interacting with people, tracking down unknown or exotic releases - but sometimes also a lot of frustration when my (real) work keeps me busy or away for extended periods of time. I just got promoted Director so I might even get busier than before but for now I will focus on covers. I am also keeping my fingers crossed as my laptop harddrive started to send FAIL tests alerts and DELL won't replace a HDD in Singapore for a laptop purchased in France... Wish me luck!

Always feel free to make a small contribution to help pay for the monthly hosting costs if you think was useful to you in any way. Although I decreased the montly cost, I could use a little help now that this server has been financed from my own pocket for the past 6 months. Your name will join the list of current contributors and be engraved in stone for the posterity!

Shops Covers Inserted Updated
 Rear Window  [40081]
   $3.98 [NTSC/P&S/ANA]
 Re-Animator  [VL5114]
   $24.98 [NTSC/P&S/ANA/Uncut]
 Re-Animator: 10th Anniversary Edition  [EE4323]
   $24.98 [NTSC/LBX/Uncut]
 RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video Sampler Laserdisc  [LD25724]
   $7.98 [NTSC]
 Razor 1: Sword of Justice  [AD097-007]
   $27.98 [NTSC/LBX]
 Rasputin  [LD 91288]
   $39.98 [NTSC/SRD]
 Rapid Fire  [1978-80]
   $7.98 [NTSC/P&S/SRD]
 Ransom  [8295 AS]
   $9.98 [NTSC/LBX/AC3/Uncut/THX]
 Ransom  [8295 AS]
   $5.98 [NTSC/LBX/AC3/Uncut/THX]
 Ranma 1/2 #1: Desperately Seeking Shampoo  [LVD9528]
   $17.98 [NTSC/Bilingual/CAV]
 Ranma 1/2 #2: Like Water For Ranma  [LVD9544]
   $17.98 [NTSC/Bilingual/CAV]
 Oscar and Lucinda  [0276685]
   $12.98 [NTSC/LBX/AC3/+CAV]
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Where to start?
Use LDDb online anytime to track down your Collection (with private notes) in any available format. Report "Laser Rot" on doubtful titles to warn others. 537,739 LDs in collections righ now!
Looking for rare titles? Setup your Wishlist and receive instant notification by Email when one of them is added to a User Shop. Currently 69,195 wishes set.
Want to free some shelf space and generate cash from your collection? Apply to become a Seller and (after your request has been approved) start selling at will using all LDDb past sales statistics and best offers from buyers to fine-tune your prices.
It was on my mind for a long time but phpBB was lacking the functions I needed to integrate it seamlessly. phpBB3 just made it right and I'm proud to offer to all existing LDDb users!
Did you know?

A special update towards LDDb members with an active shop: the selling fees policy will updated from July 1st (2016). Please go and take a look at the revised section (in red) of the Selling FAQ.

Ever wondered which LDs starred your favorite actress/actor in a little known role? Now you can search the whole database based on persons instead of titles! Just give a try to the new "IMDb Open Search".

Introducing... the back side of the force. Now you can submit both front and back covers. When both are available, a pair of [BACK] and [FRONT] button will let you flip from one to the other easily.

Now that we passed the 9,000th transaction, it was eventually time to revisit the feedback cumulative system and remove the cooling factor to better represent the numerous repeat transactions that happened. Now each positive gives you a +1!

Introducing... Best Offers v2.0. Now the offers are not a one-way process anymore and both sides can submit counter-offer until everyone can agree on an acceptable price or simply give up.

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