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Database returned 755 title(s) for Only Director's Cut Browse: [1]  [2]  [3] .. [11] .. [21] .. [31]   [MAX]
 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
PILF-2868 Cell, The (2000)LBX/AC3/Uncut2001-07-25NTSCJapan 
LD 85240 WS End of Days (1999)LBX/AC3/Uncut2000-04-18NTSCUSA 
PILF-2824 Gorgeous (1999)LBX/AC3/Uncut2000-04-04NTSCJapan 
TRO-7300 Mother's Day (1980)Uncut2000-01-18NTSCUSA 
LD84436-WS American Pie (1999)LBX/AC3/Uncut2000-01-11NTSCUSA 
PILF-7400 Boot, Das (1981)LBX/AC3/Uncut1999-11-26NTSCJapan 
PILF-2518 Mutiny on the Bounty (1962)LBX/SRD/Uncut1999-09-24NTSCJapan 
PILA-3029 The Beatles: Yellow Submarine (1968)LBX/AC3/Uncut1999-09-13NTSCJapan 
BOS-001 Cat in the Brain, A (1990)LBX/Bilingual/Uncut1999-08-17NTSCUSA 
PILF-2746 Lethal Weapon: Collector's SetLBX/AC3/Uncut1999-08-10NTSCJapan
TRO-7110 Chosen One, The: Legend of the Raven (1998)Uncut1999-08-10NTSCUSA 
LD60213DTS Stargate: Deluxe Edition (1994)LBX/DTS/+CAV/Uncut1999-07-27NTSCUSA 
ISL-10091 Histoire d'O (1975)LBX/Uncut1999-07-23NTSCJapan 
EE3384 Devil Rides Out, The: Special Edition (1968)LBX/AC3/Uncut1999-04-27NTSCUSA 
EE9482 Witches, The (1966)LBX/Uncut1999-04-27NTSCUSA 
MGLC-99136 Death Machine (1995)LBX/Uncut1999-04-25NTSCJapan 
CC1548L Armageddon: Special Edition: Criterion #384 (1998)LBX/SRD/Uncut1999-03-16NTSCUSA 
16958 Soldier (1998)LBX/AC3/Uncut1999-03-02NTSCUSA 
ID3478RM Up!/Cherry, Harry & Raquel: Russ MeyerUncut1999-02-09NTSCUSA
CMV 9803-LD Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The (1974)LBX/Bilingual/Uncut1999-02PALGermany 
RGL9645 Phenomena: Special Edition (1985)LBX/AC3/Uncut1999-01-19NTSCUSA 
RGL9648 Nosferatu the Vampyre: Special Edition (1979)LBX/AC3/Uncut1999-01-12NTSCUSA 
1964-120 Ugly, The (1997)LBX/Uncut1999PALGermany 
1964-130 Nightmare on Elm Street 6, A: Freddy's Dead - The Final Nightmare (1991)SRD/Uncut1999PALGermany 
1964-88 Hard-Boiled 2 (1989)P&S/Uncut1999PALGermany 
Only Director's Cut
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