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Added by drewmanfu0 (1)

Added on: 02/07/2023

AC-3 Test LD [J-2501-132-A]

Country  USA  
Released  ???
Publisher  ???
Price  ???

UPC  ???
Category  Demo Disc

Color  ???
Length  ???
Side(s)  ???
Chapter(s)  ???
Size  ???
Picture  ???
Ratio  ???
Plastic  ???
Cover  ???
Rot status  None reported
Manufactured by  ???


 Digital Tracks  Analog Tracks 
 No data available  No data available 
 Language  Subtitles 
 Unknown  Unknown 

 Additional Information 

Listed in the repair manual for the SDP-EP9ES for evaluating the system operation.

Connection and Test Disc Connection of this unit to a AC-3 Dolby surround equipment will realize outstanding sound playback. Check if the respective surround channel outputs are playing back normally by the following method. Jig : Discription Part No. AC-3 TEST LD J-2501-132-A Connected Equipment: AC-3 LD player (This unit is also compatible with the digital versatile disc player (DVD). The DVD must be checked with the LD player using all the circuits of this unit.) Connecting Method: AC-3 compatible LD player AC-3 RF output terminal Coaxial digital connecting cable VMC-10G, etc. (Optional) Unit AC-3 RF output terminal AC-3 RF input terminal Checking Method: Play back a test disc of the LD player, and check if the contents recorded on the disc case (printed on the disc case) are played back normally.