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Added by reelyinteresting (1)
Cover by reelyinteresting (1)

Added on: 21/03/2021
Latest update: 21/04/2021
User updates processed: 2

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Images of Nature (1992) [NALH-10007]

Country  Japan  
Released  ???
Publisher  NEC Avenue

UPC  (none)
Category  BGV

Color  Color
Length  9 min.
Side  1
Chapter  None
Size  12"
Picture  Hi-Vision 16:9
Ratio  1.78:1
Plastic  Transparent
Cover  Box Set
Rot status  None reported
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Manufactured by  DADC Japan



 Sound Encoding  Digital Tracks 
 Spoken Language  Subtitles 
*none* Unknown 

 Mint Marks sample 
HDP-2081-A-1 3
DH-1-B-15 3

 Additional Information by admin (392)   21/03/2021 

Also shows a catalog number of HDP-2081 which could be compatible with a HDVS release (not MUSE Hi-Vision).

 Additional Information by reelyinteresting (1)   21/04/2021 

Gorgeous still images of various animals in Nature backed with outdoors-y synth-heavy music and nature sounds by British musician/recording engineer John Holbrook. The content is split into three sections based on "locations" (Highlands, Tundra, & Waterside).

The images are credited to Thomas D. Mangelsen, who is known for his photography of wildlife in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. The content might be based on his 1989 photo book, "Images of Nature: The Photographs of Thomas D. Mangelsen." There was also a screensaver collection for Windows & Macintosh released at the same time (1992), but does not share credits with this release.

While this is a Japanese release, this is an American production by the now-defunct REBO High Definition Studio, Inc, which was one of the earliest HDTV production houses in the USA. Nearly all text is in English except for one quote at the end.

The video begins with a quote by Mr. Mangelsen that says, "I hope that my work will create a renewed awareness for the need to protect the environment."

The video ends with written statement by NEC in Japanese and English that says, "Our vision is a world where our natural environment is preserved, enabling all people of the world to pursue their full potential."

The luxurious packaging is made of many fine horizontal strands of a (synthetic?) fabric with gold foil lettering. A printed picture of a still of the video is glued to the upper center of the front cover. While containing only one disc, the packaging is 2cm thick like many box sets.