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Added by firefoxfritz (182)

Added on: 17/01/2012
Latest update: 08/08/2014
User updates processed: 1

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Clinical and Imaging Anatomy of the Lumbar Spine and Sacrum (1990) [525/60]

Country  USA  
Released  ???
Publisher  ???
Price  595 USD

UPC  ???ISBN=91-88142-00-0
I-S-B-N  91-88142-00-0
Category  Industrial

Color  ???
Length  ???
Side  1
Chapters  62
Size  12"
Picture  ???
Ratio  ???
Plastic  ???
Cover  ???
Rot status  None reported
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Manufactured by  ???


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 No data available  No data available 
 Language  Subtitles 
 Unknown  Unknown 

 Additional Information by firefoxfritz (182)   27/05/2012 

From collection: "Laseranatomy Videodisc Series"

Info courtesay of NORECOPA:

This first videodisc (in a planned series of ten) contains over 14.000 colour slides of the lumbar spine, pelvis and sacrum from 56 undecalcified frozen specimens that were sectioned at micron precision on a cryomicrotome. High resolution slides were taken from different planes and in perfect registration, showing normal anatomy, anatomical variations and many pathological conditions (degenerative changes, disc herniations, fractures and tumors). Clinical case studies, computerized tomography and magnetic resonance studies provide a unique database for surgical and radiographic reference. Undistorted anatomy can be studied in natural colours and in exquisite detail in sequences of hundreds of closely spaced slides in both overview and at high power magnification. Descriptive text is provided on the disc and also in the carefully designed manual that is furbished with bar-codes for expedient access, cross-referencing between cases and on-line lecturing. Careful encoding of the disc allows it to be used for self-paced studying using any videodisc player. The detailed index facilitates integration of the disc into ’programmed’ environments (such as anatomy teaching stations) and re-purposing for other specialties by developing syllabi, software, or other media for customized didactic applications.

Comments & References: Product number DV 14. The Health Sciences Center for Educational Resources at the University of Washington provides the basic resources so that users may customize their own programs using their own bar-codes, syllabi, or computer programs. A printed catalogue accompanies each videodisc produced at their Center. By referring to this catalogue, the user may rapidly and accurately locate any frame on the disc. The user may easily select and display images in a wide variety of provided or user-customized instructional programs. These programs can make use of either direct human control based on syllabi or interactive control by a computer application.