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Added by admin (410)
Cover by brenner (3)

Added on: 16/04/2009
Latest update: 21/09/2023
User updates processed: 5

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Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Special Edition #8 (1956) [CC1108L]

Country  USA    
Released  1986
Publisher  Criterion
Price  74.95 USD

UPC  (none)ISBN=0-931393-24-8
I-S-B-N  0-931393-24-8
Collection  Criterion Collection
Category  Sci-Fi
Rating  Not rated

Color  Black & White
Length  80 min.
Sides  3
Chapters  27
Size  12"
Picture  Letterboxed
Ratio  2.35:1
Plastic  Transparent
Cover  Gatefold
Rot status  None reported
Manufactured by  3M or IMATION



 Sound Encoding  Analog Left  Analog Right 
 Spoken Language  Subtitles 
English No subtitle 

 Mint Marks sample 

 Additional Information by admin (410)   16/04/2009 

First edition, was re-released with a new cover as [CC1108L].

 Additional Information by ratkins    31/07/2011 

Dead side is white. Comes with insert showing first 12 Criterion titles.

 Additional Information by glorifiedextra (7)     03/01/2013 

Supplements include:

  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • Interview with Don Siegel
  • Videoscope Demonstration
  • Bibliography
  • Audio Essay by Maurice Yacowar on Audio Track 2

 Additional Information by shanerollins     12/09/2019 

Some important notes about the Criterion Collection of INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS

Invasion of the Body Snatchers was released in a short-lived pseudo-CinemaScope process called SuperScope which, unlike CinemaScope, did not use a special lens to distort the image. Instead, the process took a normal 35mm frame (1.33:1 ratio), cropped the top and bottom and squeezed it into a CinemaScope proportion ranging from 1.75 to 2.55. All this was done in the laboratory after photography was finished. The image has traditionally been cropped further (left and right) for presentation on TV.

This Criterion Collection edition, which was made from a SuperScope negative, maintains the original SuperScope wide-screen format. There is a demonstration on Side 3 (Chapter 26) of the difference between our VideoScope presentation and the normal (cropped) TV image.

Since the film is black and white, optimal viewing will be with the "color" level on your TV or monitor turned all the way down. We suggest that you set the brightness controls high enough to bring out as much of the rich detail in the film as possible, but not so high that you begin to wash out the more subtly shaded areas. Because of the limited dynamic range of the original sound track we decided not to use the CX process, which rather than removing the unwanted background noise, would have cause a "pumping" effect.

There are two separate sound tracks on the disc. Audio 1 has the original movie sound track. Audio 2 contains Maurice Yacowar's commentary. When a disc begins playing, both audio tracks automatically come on. You should use your remote control device to choose the track you want to listen to. You will hear the movie sound track running faintly under Mr. Yacowar's voice. We did this so you would always have an aural reference for his remarks as well as a visual one. When he pauses for any length of time we bring the film's sound up to normal levels.

Any comments, suggestions or questions are welcome and should be addressed to: Jon Mulvaney, c/o The Criterion Collection, 2139 Manning Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90025

The Criterion Collection is a joint venture of Janus Films and Voyager Press