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Added by samaron (6)
Cover by vtstampede (2)

Added on: 24/12/2003
Latest update: 11/10/2021
User updates processed: 3

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Cream Lemon: Perfect Eternal Preservation Edition (1993) [PCLS-00001]

くりいむレモン 完全保存版 LD全集 (cover)

Cream Lemon Kanzen hozon-ban LD zenshuu (original)

Country  Japan  
Released  20/08/1993
Publisher  Pony Canyon
Price  75728 JPY

UPC  4988166785732UPC=4988166785732
Category  Adult Anime

Color  Color
Length  1172 min.
Sides  26
Chapters  43
Size  12"
Picture  Video
Ratio  1.33:1
Plastic  Transparent
Cover  Box Set
Rot status  None reported
Manufactured by  ???



 Sound Encoding  Digital Tracks  Analog Tracks 
 Spoken Language  Subtitles 
Japanese No subtitle 

 Mint Marks sample 
PCLS0000101 A 1A162159
PCLS0000101 B 1B172221
PCLS0000102 A 1A272135
PCLS0000102 B 1B162775
PCLS0000103 A 1A180569
PCLS0000103 B 1B19051*
PCLS0000104 A 1A162457
PCLS0000104 B 1B172412
PCLS0000105 A 1A160796
PCLS0000105 B 1B192230
PCLS0000106 A 1A260998
PCLS0000106 B 1B192542
PCLS0000107 A 2A260947
PCLS0000107 B 2B170907
PCLS0000108 A 1A18285*
PCLS0000108 B 1B162743
PCLS0000109 A 1A170726
PCLS0000109 B 1B172490
PCLS0000110 A 1A171130
PCLS0000110 B 1B191418
PCLS0000111 A 1A471343
PCLS0000111 B 2B161351
PCLS0000112 A 1A172763
PCLS0000112 B 2B290849
PCLS0000113 A 1A180202
PCLS0000113 B 1B190057

 Additional Information by samaron (6)   08/11/2018 

Box set containing all Cream Lemon episodes up until 1993, which makes this almost complete. Includes a 12-page color booklet.

A few more episodes were released after the year 2000, making this LD box the most complete set on the format. A couple of episodes not included are the collage episodes found on [PCLS-00003] and [G98F0250].

Contains the following episodes:

    Disc 1:
  • Be My Baby (媚・妹・Baby)
  • Escalation (エスカレーション 〜今夜はハードコア〜)
  • Superdimension SF Legend Rall (SF・超次元伝説ラル)
  • Pop Chaser (POP♥CHASER) Disc 2:
  • Ami Again (亜美・AGAIN)
  • Escalation 2: Forbidden Sonata (エスカレーション2 〜禁断のソナタ〜)
  • Don't Do It Mako! Mako Sexy Symphony Part I (いけないマコちゃん MAKO・セクシーシンフォニー(前編))
  • Super Virgin (スーパーバージン) Disc 3:
  • Happening Summer (ハプニング・サマー)
  • Star Trap (STAR TRAP)
  • Black Cat Manor (黒猫館)
  • Don't Do It Mako! Mako Sexy Symphony Part II (いけないマコちゃん MAKO・セクシーシンフォニー(後編)) Disc 4:
  • Ami III: Now I Embrace You Ami (亜美III)
  • Nalice Scramble (なりすスクランブル)
  • Superdimension SF Legend Rall 2: Lamu Ru Strikes Back (超次元伝説ラルII)
  • Escalation 3: Angels' Epilogue (エスカレーション3 〜天使たちのエピローグ〜) Disc 5:
  • To Moriyama Special I: Five Hour Venus (森山塔ゲストスペシャル 5時間目のヴィーナス)
  • White Shadow (ホワイトシャドウ)
  • The Evil Doll (魔人形[madol])
  • Etude: Snow Heartbeat (e・tude 〜雪の鼓動〜) Disc 6:
  • Dream-Colored Bunny (ゆめいろBUNNY)
  • Summer Wind (サマーウィンド 〜少女たちが運んだ夏〜)
  • Two People's Life of Heartbreak (二人のハートブレイクライブ)
  • Etude II: Early Spring Concerto (e・tudeII 〜早春コンチェルト〜) Disc 7:
  • To Moriyama Special II: Afterschool XXX (森山塔スペシャルII 放課後×××)
  • Cream Lemon Special: Ami Image White Shadow (亜美・イマージュ 〜白い影〜)
  • Graduation Album - Cream Lemon Best Scenes Collection (卒業アルバム 〜くりいむレモン名場面集〜) Disc 8:
  • Evil City Astaroth (魔道都市アスタロト)
  • Impressions of Europa (唯登詩樹ベストヒット ヨーロッパの印象) Disc 9:
  • Cherry Melancholy (亜麻木硅ベストヒット チェリーなゆううつ)
  • Moriyama Special - I Guess So (森山塔ベストヒット そうかもしんない) Disc 10:
  • Ami: From Then On Part 1 (亜美・それから第1部 〜哀しみのなかで〜)
  • Ami: From Then On Part 2 (亜美・それから第2部 〜忘れたいのに〜) Disc 11:
  • Ami: From Then On Part 3 (亜美・それから第3部 〜抱かれたいのに〜)
  • Ami: From Then On Part 4 (亜美・それから第4部 〜微笑のなかで〜) Disc 12:
  • Green Nature - Angie & Rose (青い性 アンジェ&ローズ)
  • Return to Black Cat Mansion (続黒猫館) Disc 13:
  • The Dark (DARK ~ダーク~)
  • Ami's Journey (旅立ち ―亜美・終章―)