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Collection:5409th (48)   Ask:$74.95
Wishlist:350th (53)
Shops: 2 copies available
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Added by admin (422)
Cover by admin (422)

Added on: 15/11/2003
Latest update: 23/07/2023
User updates processed: 6

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Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn (1987) [EE3845]

Country  USA  
Released  1998
Publisher  Elite Entertainment
Price  49.95 USD

UPC  790594384562UPC=790594384562
Category  Horror
Rating  Not rated

Color  Color
Length  84 min.
Sides  2
Chapters  26
Size  12"
Picture  Letterboxed
Ratio  1.85:1
Plastic  Transparent
Cover  Standard
Rot status  None reported
Manufactured by  Mitsubishi



 Sound Encoding  Digital Tracks  Analog Left  Analog Right 
 Spoken Language  Subtitles 
English No subtitle 

 Mint Marks sample 
EE3845 A 01 M
EE3845 B 08 M

 Additional Information by admin (422)   15/11/2003 - Last update: 26/11/2021 

Includes the Theatrical Trailer and a 30-min "Making of".

This transparent plastic was a re-issue of the "blood" red plastic edition with the audio issue fixed, see [EE3845].

 Additional Information by joe (97)   17/10/2019 

Evil Dead II was shot in Academy Ratio (1.37:1). This LD is Matted to approx 1.85:1 from the original 1.37:1 camera negative. Other 'Full frame' versions are open matte versions transferred for 4:3 TV's. Compared with the 'full frame' 4:3 1987 UK PAL VHS Palace Premier release (PVC2090A), and the 2000 U.S. Region 1 Anchor Bay DVD (DV11188) which has both 1.37:1 and 1.85:1 versions.

 Additional Information by zoinknoise (189)   20/01/2021 - Last update: 16/12/2021 

The release year is correctly listed as 1987, instead of 1976 as on the original jacket of [EE3845].