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IMDb live rating 

Collection:2614th (86)   Ask:$90.00
Wishlist:428th (48)
Shops: 2 copies available
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Added by joshzyber (1)
Cover by recobanchou and vtstampede (2)

Added on: 03/01/2003
Latest update: 23/05/2022
User updates processed: 6

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Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Movie: Limited Box (1997) [KILA 9401~4]

新世紀エヴァンゲリオン 劇場版 BOX (cover)

Country  Japan  
Released  23/12/1998
Publisher  Star Child
Price  23809 JPY

UPC  4988003929824UPC=4988003929824
Category  Anime

Color  Color
Length  196 min.
Sides  8
Chapters  51
Size  12"
Picture  Letterboxed
Ratio  1.85:1
Plastic  Transparent
Cover  Box Set
Rot status  Low probability [?]
Manufactured by  Mitsubishi



 Sound Encoding  Digital Tracks  Analog Tracks 
 Spoken Language  Subtitles 
Japanese No subtitle 

 Mint Marks sample 
KILA-9401 A 01 M  A8OJO4311  
KILA-9401 B 05 M  B8OJO4317  
KILA-9402 A 09 M  A81AO7462  
KILA-9402 B 03 M  B81AO7707 
KILA-9403 A 04 M  A81AO7452  
KILA-9403 B 02 M  B81A18142  
KILA-9404 A 04 M  A8OJO2104
KILA-9404 B 01 M  B8OJO3645

 Additional Information by joshzyber (1)   03/01/2003 

One of the most elaborate laserdisc box sets ever released, this massive package contains both of the Evangelion movies: Death & Rebirth Internet Movie Database LaserDisc Database and End of Evangelion Internet Movie Database LaserDisc Database. Both movies are entirely in CAV format. They are presented in the original Japanese language with no subtitles or translation. The picture transfers have a little bit of chroma noise, but are noticeably sharper and more detailed than the later overly-compressed American DVD editions.

The discs have no video supplements, however the box set comes with an incredible amount of peripheral material:

  • a 10-page color booklet with character sketches and robot designs
  • a pack of trading cards featuring artwork from the original TV series laserdisc jacket covers
  • a set of 3 Japanese telephone cards with character artwork
  • a very complex model kit for the Eva-01 robot
  • a smaller 5-piece model for the Rei Ayanami character
  • a plush toy
  • an 847-page storyboard book

Each movie comes in its own gatefold jacket. The box itself even has a picture of a naked woman on the front cover. This is truly an anime fan-boy's wet dream!

 Additional Information by je280    29/04/2014 

A real humdinger of a box set which deservedly is looked on by many as one of (if not the) nicest & best presented laserdisc box sets issued on the format - exudes quality from the outer box to the smallest insert. The smaller model of the Rei Ayanami character is molded in "glow-in-the-dark" plastic.