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Added by prospect60
Cover by thepenguin

Added on: 09/10/2002
Latest update: 09/08/2018
User updates processed: 7

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Deluxe CAV LaserDisc Edition (1937) [2921 CS]

Country  USA    
Released  26/10/1994
Publisher  Walt Disney Home Video
Price  99.99 USD

UPC  765362921065UPC=765362921065
Collection  Walt Disney Masterpiece
Category  Animation

Color  Color
Length  84 min.
Sides  6
Chapters  75
Size  12"
Picture  Academy Ratio
Ratio  1.33:1
Plastic  Transparent
Cover  Box Set
Rot status  None reported
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Manufactured by  * Multiple Sites *



 Sound Encoding  Digital Tracks  Analog Left  Analog Right 
 Score & Effects
 Spoken Language  Subtitles  CC 
English No subtitle  English 

 Mint Marks sample 
Kuraray (Feature Film):
2921CS-1-A06-K   8L303330
2921CS-1-B05-K   901B0900
2921CS-2-C05-K   9Q145369
2921CS-2-D05-K   917H1998

IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT ""SNOW WHITE"" SIDE 5   025-094-316U    09/15/94Y#

 Additional Information by prospect60    09/10/2002 - Last update: 15/06/2005 

Box Set with feature presented in CAV on Side 1-4 with original full mono soundtrack on the left analog channel and music/effects only on the right track.

Disc 3 is a supplemental disc pressed by Technidisc presented in CLV/CAV format with separate right and left audio tracks presenting alternative information.

Side 5 in CLV contains a "Making of.." Documentary of the history of Snow White, storyboards, character concepts, pencil animation, etc. The featurette of the Premiere.

One of the audio tracks contain a radio interview with Cecil B Demille and Walt Disney talking about the production of Snow White. Other chapters contail deleted or proposed scenes, Radio Commercials

Side 6 in CAV contains a short biography and timeline of Walt Disney, Sbow White, the original Grimm text of Snow White, storyboards or scenes and abandoned scenes, Character design sketches, Deleted scenes both storyboard reconstructions and full animated scenes.

The box also includes a set of 10 Lithographs and a Hardback Book "The Making of a Classic".

 Additional Information by tucky66 (2)   11/03/2018 

  • Fully restored version with digital Stereo/Dolby Surround sound, presented entirely in the full-feature CAV standard play format
  • Music & effects isolated on analog track 2, original mono soundtrack is presented on analog track 1
  • 7 original theatrical trailers
  • Merchandising and publicity stills including posters, lobby cards and press kits
  • The Making of a Masterpiece: A 40-minute behind-the-scenes documentary including: Previously unseen test shots of abandoned Alice In Wonderland feature with Mary Pickford; rarely-seen storyboard sketches and achival footage of Walt Disney in action at story meetings; character concepts and designs, pencil animation and pencil tests; creation of the music, voices and sound effects; deleted scenes and rare footage; backgrounds and effects tests; a historical film of Snow White's triumphant opening night; international versions and conclusion
  • The Goddess Of Spring (1934):A "Silly Symphony" cartoon which was Disney's testing ground for animation of realistic human figures
  • Excerpts from "Tricks Of Our Trade": A segment from a 1957 TV show demonstrating how the Disney artists used live-action footage as reference for creating the animation for Snow White
  • Supplement audio on analog track 1 & 2 on side 5 including radio broadcasts & commercials, early song demo & audio tracks for a unused sequence
  • Walt Disney biographical and Snow White production timeline
  • Text of the Brothers Grimm original version of Snow White
  • Storyboards and sequence breakdowns, abandoned versions of storyboards
  • Preliminary designs and deleted concepts, character designs and voice talents
  • Layouts, backgrounds and effects tracks
  • Live action test footage with isolated music track on the analog channels
  • Original main and end titles
  • Rare "Newsreel" footage and stills of the Hollywood premiere December 21, 1937
  • Press articles and political cartoons
  • An account of the process of the first digital restoration of a film
  • Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs & The Making Of The Classic Film: A 88-page full-color illustrated hardcover book
  • 10 exclusive limited edition lithographs of the original theatrical posters, from 1937 to present!